Basically this page is intended to be links to articles, blogs and other reasources conserning China, the Olympics, and other Repressions by China!! Let us not have another fiasco like the 1936 Olympics!

Chinaís Security State!!

China, earthquake isn't halting repressive arrests and controls!!

One World One Dream - Free Tibet 2008!!

Pictures of the Execution of Tibetans by the Chinese Forces!!

Photos of the massacre in Tibet!!

The Case For Tibet!

Dalai Lama criticizes Chinese suppression, stresses Tibetís need for autonomy!!

The Olympics, Tibet and China's dictatorial regime!!

Tibet and Olympics 2008!!

Exhibit on 1936 Berlin Olympics has echoes of current debate!!

Boycott Made in China - Free Tibet!

Free Tibet Now! Unite for Human Rights!!

Tibet: proof enough of the Chinese rights abyss!

Tibet under Siege!

Tibet as paradigm of open source: Jamyiang Kyi!

Frankly My Dear: Sharing Tibet's dream!

Beijing threatens lawyers who offer to represent Tibetans Options!

The Facets Of Chinese Nationalism!

Results of standing up to a Communist Gov't!!

SCMP: Facebook cuts protesterís accounts!


Chinese Uighur exile urges Olympic boycott over 'genocide'!

Olympics-Tutu urges leaders to miss Beijing opening !

Torch relay worsens China crackdown: Uighur leader!

Chinese editor fired over Tibet commentaries!

Shao Jiang: China remains a land of torture and repression!

A torched Tibet shows through smoke and mirrors!

Tibet: Jewish leaders call for boycott of Olympic Games!

Interesting Blogs and Web Sites concerning the Subject!! Let us not have another fiasco like the 1936 Olympics!

Kaalhauge Blog!

Friends of Tibet!

andrew lih!

The March to Tibet!

Race for Tibet!

2008 Olympics in China Blog!

China Letter-News and Human Rights Out of Daye but good info!


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