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With all the excitement over the Mars landing and with the rover on mars, one fact should not be obscured! That fact is indeed that we should Stop All Space Exploration NOW!!! I think Bill Maher summed up the basic objection when he said `hey you can't breathe up there.' Indeed one can breathe using artificial devices to supply air to you at pressure - which indeed helps the blood from boiling also. The main objection discussed here will be that mankind has so messed up the earth, that hey until we straighten up our act, I don't believe mankind should be allowed into space.

Indeed if one just goes to the discussion groups, one finds the dominate attitude is that mankind is supreme and all other life forms should be subservient to mankind and indeed should exits at the whim of mankind! In other words mankind is a Dalek! And indeed the Dalek's on Dr. Who to me were always all too human. Indeed the invention of such as Daleks is just a unconscious subconscious method a showing the true negative status of the species.

Still one may ask what about the ameliorating aspects of such as Religion. One must say here, that such would be of no value. I mean just watch some of these religious channels. They have more weaponry exposed and espoused than John Wayne ever had. Indeed one may speculate that secular man has only arbitrary values in which to have a value system, whereas religion is full of absolute values! And indeed you would be wrong! Look at all the great religious leaders who have fleeced their flocks! Indeed look at these religious channels. They claim man is in the image of God and all else is just chaff under mans domination of the secular world (s).

Still the fundamental problem has not been addressed! The best addressing this fundamental problem gets is from the libertarians. From their doctrine, one gets a sense they are for very unintrusive government and freedom of choice. If you actually listen to them talk at meetings, you get the full measure of the problem! Indeed they want a small unintrusive government and free choice. The small limited government would be to allow them to form small fiefdoms where they would rule as princes and kings. And indeed the free choice would be that of the libertarians themselves! The rest of us would be serfs and boot lickers under their total control.

Indeed the main problem with mankind, whether he believes in God or not, is that deep and fundamentally way down, each and every member of mankind believes he is indeed God himself. And indeed whether man has evolved or has indeed been created, this is the fundamental flaw of each and every one of us. And indeed even though some of us may have more insight into the true nature of ourselves and therefore into the problem, our kids being brought up under the oppression of knowledge of this universal truth will rebel, as is the nature of kids, and be the worst Dalek yet to be foisted upon the Universe!

To present my idea that what should be done is Stop All Space Exploration Now ,I will present three documents designed to convince the most ardent Space Nut that All Space Exploration Should Be Stopped Now . The First is an article by Matt Grenson of the Associated Press asking What's This Then concerning the recent landing on Mars! The whole value, tone and reason for the trip is questioned. The second is an original article of mine warning earthlings of the danger of space colonization of Mars. It is shown that such a colonization will indeed not be in the interests of earth inhabitants. The third article explores the moral danger of man even conceiving that he can go out in space in his present moral condition. I am reminded here of the Original Star Trek Episode where Sock, Capt. Kirk and McCoy are beamed into a parallel Universe where their counterparts are indeed thugs and barbarians. Oh sophisticated ones; but barbarians none the less. And this was indeed recognized by these gentlemen. Lastly, before you go into the articles, I want to remind you of the Challenger. All the responsible scientists and technicians realized the danger of launch. However the ever ready managers, Remember the Hitch Hiker Guide to the Universe here, said launch! So, in any case here are the articles:

  1. Destination Moon, but what for?

  2. Can we live on the moon? Do we want to?!

  3. Don't colonize the moon - A manned moon mission doesn't make sense. Robots are better -- just look at their success on Mars!

  4. Mars or Bust: Convinced that life on Earth is doomed, NASA wants to colonize the Red Planet!

  5. Why the sky is the limitl!

  6. Space News from Wired Newsl!

  7. Space articles and News from Global Security.orgl!

  8. Mars Exploration Rovers Projectl!

  9. Mars Exploration Rover Imagery!

  10. Space Resource Page from REDNOVA!

  11. Associated Press Command Central!

  12. 'Anomalies' in first private spaceflight revealed!

  13. Billionaires Blasting Off: Space Adventures, which is selling around-the-moon jaunts for $100 million, is but one of several privately funded outfits in the space race!

  14. Life On Other Planets in the Solar System - Ve Vill Go Und Get them!!

  15. Mars Colonization will be a disaster!

  16. Desolate Mars - This is no Colonial CakeWalk!!

  17. We Have Met the Enemy and it is Us!

  18. The Money To Burn In Space Picture!

  19. Space: The final frontier — or perhaps just a place to blow a lot of money!

  20. The True Picture from Mars!

  21. Mars Doesn't Need Earth Goop - Stop The Contamination of Mars!!!

  22. The Intrinsic Rights Of Martian Bugs!!!

  23. Earth plants could invade Mars - What no Immigration Checks Again - See Columbus!!!

  24. We should keep in mind that not all Technological Changes as Flight and Space Travel are improvements!!!

  25. To the moon Alice, everyone - President Bush wants us to return to the moon and travel beyond there, to Mars and elsewhere. The inner-geek in me thinks this is a great idea, while the taxpayer thinks it's a lousy one!!

  26. Moon walks? Let's get down to earth first!!!


  28. John Gray: We've got problems on this planet!!

  29. How it should go for Mars Landers!!!

  30. The Spaceits say 'get me to the moon now - It is the only Space Station - And get me much beyond of course!!!

  31. The Spaceits say We are holding them and us back from Manifestspacedestiny - As a person comment to this article I say NO! Get all the spaceits together and ship them to Mars NOW!!

  32. Well, Now Bush seeks a Coalition of the Willing for his grand designs on the Moon and Mars - but we will own it!!!

  33. Jan. 12 2004 - Well, Mars is now officially screwed - Signs of Water reported!!!!

  34. Yep, in their mind, the Spaceites believe that definite sings of a Watery Mars is confirmed!!

  35. And let us not forget the Hydrogen Peroxide!!

  36. Oh! And now we have Methane on Mars - And just where did that originate from?????!!

  37. So, sticky stuff found on Mars Surface!!!

  38. The Mars Thingy!!!

  39. All the Other Editorial Cartoons on Mars!!!

  40. Is Mars Ours? - The logistics and ethics of colonizing the red planet!!

  41. Fund Space travel by seizing Moons and Planets and selling Property Rights - ManinfestSpaceDestiny!!!!

  42. Conservatives say fund it! With Massive Budgets and reduced taxes, the Government will fall - Best have the Operation above in place then!!!!

  43. Quest for life on Mars opens can of worms!!

  44. This Writer knows all the signs of New Empire!!!!

  45. Mars Mission a Trojan Horse?

  46. Mars - Mission to Nowhere!!!

  47. Bush's Space Thingy - Bold vision or grand deception??

  48. "President Moonbeam."!

  49. U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground!

  50. Spaced-Out Invaders - The Bush administration's designs on Mars and the moon are, well, a little spacey!

  51. Famed Iowa space expert - James Van Allen - opposes Bush space plan!

  52. Spock would find all of this quite illogical!

  53. Calling Venus has never been cheaper, nor wiser - (meaning that we shouldn't just go there unless we've been invited, thus we should call first)!

  54. Irrelativity “Mission to Mars”!

  55. Another Result of the Space Thingy - Scientists mourn early demise of Hubble!

  56. But First Hubble scans for Moon base locations!

  57. The Save the Hubble Petition Site!

  58. Lost in space: Why the death of the Hubble telescope matters!

  59. Hubble Examines Deceptive Space Shape!

  60. Flower Power to Mars!

  61. Celestial Land Grabs and the Demise of Science!

  62. You too can Particpate in the Conquest of Mars!!

  63. Of planets, paranoia and pregnant pigs!!

  64. My God! The Earth Rover has Found Signs of Ice on Earth - Scroll Down for Info!

  65. Patrick Stewart said Earth should be our focus rather than other planets!

  66. NASA's New Antiterrorism Mission!

  67. Expert: NASA can't afford moon, Mars trips!

  68. Strange Things seen on Mars!!

  69. The Large Panoramic Photo that the Object comes from - You find!!

  70. Strange Object on Mars - Crab Claw!!

  71. Attention! Attention! Crab Claw, or the Bunny Head, has been found on Earth, so recall all efforts , we have them on the earth - 1!!

  72. Attention! Attention! Crab Claw, or the Bunny Head, has been found on Earth, so recall all efforts , we have them on the earth - 2!!

  73. Strange Object On Mars Surface - Another Site Yet!!!

  74. Now, Mars Rover Picks Up The Strange Object!!!

  75. Educated Guess by Rupert IDs the Strange Object as a FULGURITE!

  76. Rover Microscope Detects Puzzling ‘Thread-Like’ Features!

  77. CloseUp of the Thread Thingy - Okay, the Rabbit Head May be a Break off from the Airbag assembly and not a Fulgurite!

  78. Blueberries on Mars!!

  79. Mars Madness!

  80. White Boys to Move to Mars!!

  81. Mars costs too much!

  82. Screw Earth - We're Going to Mars III!

  83. The Mars Rover Has a Message For You!

  84. The President Has a Message For You!

  85. AstroBiology Magazine Takes Up The ManinspaceFest Destiny Flag!

  86. WOW - Moon mission will talk to Web surfers - OOOOO, I want to spend a Billion on getting to the moon now = Not!!

  87. Hairless Apes ready to blow up their own Planet seek intelligent life in the Unverse; or at least other life they can go and exterminate like they do on earth!!

  88. Hard-Core Bugs - Bugs Found in Deep Hole Suggest Creatures Could Live Anywhere ... Like Mars - So, I say 'When Is it Safe?'

  89. No oil on Mars!

  90. Yankee Go Home - Mars for Martians!

  91. Mars on Earth - At the driest spot in the driest part of the driest desert in the world, NASA is getting ready to invade the Red Planet!

  92. Water on Mars? Flood of Data, Trickle of Answers!

  93. Spirit Findings Provide More Evidence of Martian Water!

  94. Volcanic Rock in Mars' Gusev Crater Hints at Past Water!

  95. Mars finding shifts focus to inner planets!

  96. Mars Global Surveyor

  97. Mars Rover Mission Blog

  98. Mark T. Lemmon Home Page!

  99. The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System!

  100. Sad but true - NASA to push Planes Flown by LASERS as an energy source for Electrical Energy!

  101. The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced plans to send the first manned mission to Mars by 2033. But it faces three decades of hard work in creating crucial life-support technologies to meet that goal!!

  102. Space News from South Africa!

  103. Article on a Speech Dr. Robert Wilson will Give - Very telling on Dreams those who push Maninspacefest Destiny People Have!

  104. But Seriously Folks - Just Follow These David Grinsppon Links to get all the Martian Images!!

  105. In case David turns up toes - Here is the Site for the Spirit Raw Images!!

  106. In Case David Turns up Toes - Here is the site for the Opportunity Raw Images!!

  107. In an attempt to increase interest Mars Rovers will Compete on Upcoming Robot Wars Episode!!

  108. SPACEFLIGHT: Fly Me to the Moon - Going to the Moon means winners and losers in science!

  109. Commentary: Is Bush's Moon-to-Mars Vision Dimming?!

  110. Mars Scientists Find Tempting New Rocks!

  111. An article on homesteading and building on Mars!!

  112. Water on Mars not easy to find!!

  113. Water on Mercury now? Where will it end?!!

  114. Life on Mars? After rovers' spectacular finds, scientist wouldn't bet on it !!

  115. US Mars mission cancelled, “confusion” blamed!

  116. Reprive for the Space Station - Is is afterall not the Moon?!

  117. Space yacht sails to stars on sunrays!

  118. Mars a Dangerous Destination for Humans!

  119. Space plans: Bold vision or big flop?

  120. Space News from the Guardian!

  121. I knew this whole mars Thingy was about Missile Defense and the Weaponization of Space all along!!

  122. The Weaponization of Space - It Doesn't Happen in a Vacuum by Maj Howard D. Belote, USAF*!!

  123. The next battlefield may be in Outer Space!!

  124. What if Space was Weaponized? - Possible Consequences for Crisis Scenarios!

  125. Arms to Space!!

  126. Space war--now we're jammin'!!

  127. The Folly Of Space Weapons!!

  128. Voyager in peril back on Earth - NASA likely to cut funding as probes near solar system's edge!!

  129. Ground control: NASA attempts a cultural shift!!

  130. Scientists: Life on Mars Likely - And we are going to Mars to get it and the water!!!

  131. Life on Mars - How things go down hill!!!

  132. Testing a Sun-Powered Space Sail - Anything goes in getting to The Water and Life of Mars - Then suck both dry!!

  133. Star Wants Out of Milky Way - Perhaps Intelligent life directing it Wants to get out before we get there!!!

  134. NASA Exploration Systems and Technology!!!

  135. Results of above site: Billions for 'Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space?'

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