Protozoa and all I know about it!!!

Presented here will be Pictures, links and information on Protozoa and Photomicrography! The pictures won't be that good; but I hope the other will turn out good! And I will suffer one with a lot of photos!

My photos and Video of Protozoa and whatever else got in the way of the lens!!!!

First Batch of Photos of Protozoa!

Recovered First Batch of Photos of Protozoa - # 2!

Fun Images Through The Microscope - Well For Some!!!

Video From Water Samples Collected in Happy Valley!

An Amoeba proteus streaming and engulfinging a paramecium - Photos and Video!

Those Marvelous Animals Page one - Digital Photographs of Stentors, Blepharismas and Desmids - Photos and Video!

Those Marvelous Animals Page one - Photographs of Stentors, Blepharismas, Desmids, Amoeba Proteus and others- Photos!

The 2003 Shoot Page. VIDCAPs and QuickTime Movies (Version 4) From Four Sites in Colorado - A Work Still In Progress!

July 2004 Shoot Page from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver!

July 2004 Shoot Page from Lasater Ranch in Matheson Colorado!

July 2004 Shoot Page from East Bijou Creek near Deer Trail Colorado!

Findings from Water Collected from the Elbow shaped body of water from Centennial Park in Englewood Colorado! The water was collected in early August 2004!!

2004 Shoot Page - Microscopic Shoot Page from an Acid Pond and Boggy area near the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel!

2004 Shoot Page - Microscopic analysis of Water from three Places near Cantonmont Florida - Water Collected Oct. 6, 2004!

2005 Shoot Page - Six Places Sampled!!!

Brown Hydra (Hydra oligactis) on a Daphnia!!

2014 Shoot So Far!!

2015 Shoot So Far with new but inferior Microscope!!!

2015 - Results of a trip tp Blue Lake!!!

2015 - Results from Mud Pond which is near Blue Lake!!!

News On Protozoa + Other Microorganisms!

Brain eating amoeba linked to improper use of sinus rinse!!!

Investigation finds neti pot tap water behind two 2011 amoeba deaths!!

Ciliates Are Genetic-Code Deviants. Traditional stop codons have a double meaning in the protozoans' mRNA, sometimes calling for an amino acid during translation!!!

A protective protozoan in mucosal infection!!

An Amoeba Engulfed a Bacterium to Become Photosynthetic!!!

Amoeba Olympics: Uncovering the Mechanisms Behind Human Diseases!

CEO hopes amoeba-fighting drug can reach ill patients!!

Brain-eating amoeba found in popular Grand Teton soak spot!!!

Oklahoma Health Officials Warn Against Amoeba Causing Serious Disease!!!

A Sport That Races Amoeba Around a Maze – for Science!!!

Rare, forgotten but dangerous: Pathogenic free-living amoebas and their brutal infections in humans!!

Potential treatment for brain-eating infection released in U.S.!!

A Protozoan Prospect For Nutritional Supplementation!!

Clemson scientist receives $424,000 grant to study parasite that infects tens of millions!!

Prestigious Pew scholarship for amoeba 'cell nibbling' !

These Real-Life Vampires Lived 740 Million Years Ago!!!

Mysterious Eukaryote Missing Mitochondria!!

Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food!!!

Amoebae in the Eye!

No brain? No problem! Single-cell slime mould can learn!!!

Back from the dead: Russians revive pre-historic amoebae!!

Image of the Day: Glassy Glider!

Social amoeba cast wide, lethal DNA nets to kill invading bacteria!

Local diversity of heathland Cercozoa explored by in-depth sequencing!!

Amoeba-inspired computing system outperforms conventional optimization methods!

Doctors warn of amoeba that feeds on eye tissue!!

NASA’s Latest Rover Concept Is Inspired by Worms and Amoebas!

A far from perfect host!!

This unsettling video of a single-celled organism devouring its prey just won a unique prize!!

The best microscopic videos from Nikon’s 2015 Small World contest!!

Kolkata: Doctors alarmed by ‘mixed malaria!!!

Giant Virus Found In 30000 Year Old Ancient Permafrost - Thought to infest Amoeba!!!!

The Tardigrade: Practically Invisible, Indestructible 'Water Bears' - While not protozoa. I like looking at them!!!

Naegleria fowleri — Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) — Amebic Encephalitis!!

Carbon nanotubes interfere with protozoan function - R&D Magazine!

Study: Mitotic Cells Can Reprogram Mouse Sperm!

Lens turns smartphone into a microscope: Costs only 3 cents!!!

The effect of IFN-γand TGF-βin the functional activity of mononuclear cells in the presence of Entamoeba histolytica!!

How ‘brain-eating’ amoebas kill!!

How to prevent 'brain-eating' amoeba infections!!

What you need to know about the brain-eating amoeba!!!

The Bacteria That Turn Amoebas Into Farmers!!

Deep-ocean microbe is closest living relative of complex cells!!

Biologist Awarded Grant to Study Amoebae Cell Structures and Development!!

Nature Nut: Tiny organisms a reminder of the big world we live in!!

Big trouble ahead for ocean’s tiny microbes!

Do Cheaters Have an Evolutionary Advantage?

Contact lens wearers warned of eyeball-eating amoeba!

Amoeba Cells Moving in An Electric Field (video)!

What’s Living Under These Elephant Seals?

On the Trail of Microorganisms!

Amoebas Are Still More Intelligent Than Our Most Powerful Computers!!

How Paramecium protozoa claw their way to the top!!

Life Under the Microscope: The Year’s Best Biology Close-Ups!!

Microscopic Vampire amoebas are swarming everywhere! Single-celled bloodsuckers called vampyrellids creep through the soil beneath your feet!!

40 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photos!!

Powerful New Microscope Allows Scientists To View The World Like Never Before!!

How Paramecium protozoa claw their way to the top!!

Ancient microbes with industrial potential. Microorganisms that live in the depths of an oil reservoir can withstand such extreme conditions they can be used in harsh chemical processes!

Protozoa Show Potential For Cosmetic Testing!

New Technology May Reduce the Use of Bunnies in Mascara Testing!!

Nikon’s Small World - Celebrating 41 years of images captured by the light microscope

Incredibly Small: Best Microscope Photos of the Year!

Nature's misfits: Reclassifying protists helps us understand how many species remain undiscovered!

Rare Protozoan from Sludge in Norwegian Lake Does Not Fit On Main Branches of Tree of Life!

Cilia - the prodigal organelle!

Early microscopes offered sharp vision: Images from the first microscopes were clearer than was once believed!

Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel!!

Curvature recognition and force generation in phagocytosis!!

Salt-loving microbe forges its own path: The announcement of a third metabolic pathway raises possibility that there are more to be foundl!

Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel!

Curvature recognition and force generation in phagocytosis!

Protozoa Help Fight Mosquitoes!

The Swimming Behavioral Spectophotometer that uses the swimming patterns of protozoa to detect if water is safe for drinking!

Impact of protozoan cell death on parasite-host interactions and pathogenesis!

A quantitative look into microorganism hydrodynamics!

Protozoa-inspired 3D printed Radiolaria lamps glow in the dark!

Microscope performs high-speed magnified video capturer!

Site for the high-speed magnified video Microscope capturer!

Protozoan swimming style helps detect toxins in water!

Zoologger: The mud creature that lives without oxygen!

Oddball Amoebas Sprout Arms When Stressed!

And Genome sequencing complete on plodding amoeba that flips into free-swimming flagellate!

PICTURES: Best Microscopic-Life Images of 2009 Named!

SEM of Untreated Water Specimen!

More on Nanoparticles affecting Protozoa!

Carbon nanotubes interfere with protozoan function!

Physicists find way to explore microscopic systems through holographic video!

Olympus Introduces Unique All-in-one Microscope Family. New self-contained FSX100 and FluoView FV10i instruments bring fluorescence and confocal microscopy to a broader audience!

Bizarre Human Brain Parasite Precisely Alters Fear!

2016 Nikon Small World competition!

Microscopy Camp 2009 - Nanoscience & Nanotechnology - Sign up Teachers!

This Machine is Alive! Microscopic Motor Runs on Microbes!

Building an Automated Underwater Microscope!

Amoeba Season - Amoebic Meningitis!!

Protozoan transformers!

Slime Mold Controled Robots!

Interaction of social amoeba and bacteria guided by genesl!

Search for Free News Articles on Protozoa at Find Articles!!

Ironmonger who found a unique colony!

Soil food web found alive -- and so far well -- under modified corn!

Desert Plants May Help Treat Insidious Tropical Diseases!

Surface Films: Areas of Water Bodies That Are Often Overlooked!

Microbial Biofilms Evoke Jekyll & Hyde Effects!

Hidden sex life of an early eukaryote revealed!

Testate Amoebae (Protozoa: Rhizopoda) from Northwest Yunnan, Chinal!

Ellen Muth is into Microscopes and what they reveal!

Study probes ecosystem of tree holes!


Heated Debate To Name Ohio's Official State Protozoan!

Amoebas Use "Midwives" To Reproduce!

Articles and Video I have in my possession or have found on the web that have disappeared or on U Tube!

Having Friends Over for Lunch: The Mutualism of Paramecium bursaria and Endosymbiotic Algae!

Protozoa on U Tube!!

Hydra feeding - Other Videos there!!

William R. West talks of useing the Rheinberg/oblique to get contrast in Photomicrography!

Genlisea: A carnivorous plant acting as a trap for Protozoa!

Links to Protozoa, + and Photomicrography on the web!

Meet Idaho’s microbe hunter!

Selected?Works of William Bourland!


Protozoa Ecology!

What is a Protist / What are Protozoa?

What Does Protozoa Do)!

Protozoans (Kingdom Protozoa)!

Spirostomum ambiguum - Will do anything to include a Spirostoma!

Protist Systematics!

Structure of Organic Spines in the Rhizarian Protist Belonocystis tubistella Rainer, 1968, and a Description of Belonocystis quadrangularis n. sp. (Cercozoa, Insertae Sedis)

ORIGINAL PAPER - Diversity and geographic distribution of ciliates - (Protista: Ciliophora)

Josh’s Microlife!

Microlife: Dirt puddles from alley!

Photomacrography - The Forum has some pictures of Protozoa!

MicrobeHunter Microscopy Magazine!



A search of Protozoa on Science 2.0!

Murder By “Blob”—The Miniature Version!!


20 Rare and Incredible! microscope images

Protosta Images

A Virtual Pond Dip - Take a dip in the jar to learn about some common types of smaller pond

Lens turns smartphone into a microscope: Costs only 3 cents

Science on Wheels: Delivering Hands-on Experiments to Schools across the Countr

Photography Through the Microscope!

Zoom in with this new billion-pixel microscope!

Microscope Talk up to date microscopy, microscope equipment, microscope camera, photomicrography and technique discussion

Quick, Easy Method to Show Living Soil Organisms to High School or Beginning-Level College Students!

Pond safari: Photographer captures incredible images of the microscopic creatures found inside a SINGLE drop of water!

Observations, Communicated to the Publisher by Mr. Antony van Leewenhoeck, in a Dutch Letter of the 9th of Octob. 1676!

Blogs on Protozoa - Hit and Miss!!

The Wondrous Beauty Of Microscopic Plant SeedsU.K. artist Rob Kesseler is working with the Millennium Seed Bank to illustrate the remarkable, nearly invisible world of microscopic botany!!

An online community devoted to the practices of amateur microscopy and photomicrography!!!


Site Providing 81,037 Images of Protists for Education and Resource Purposes!!!

Clades for Kingdom PROTISTA!!

Society of Protozoologists!!

British Society for Protist Biology!!

Studies Employing the Light Microscope!!


Free-living Amoebae in Carbonate Precipitating Microhabitats of Karst Caves and a New Vahlkampfiid Amoeba, Allovahlkampfia spelaea gen..... !!

Rice Edu. - Index of /~bioslabs/studies/invertebrates/invertimages!!

Rice Edu. - Index of /~bioslabs/studies/invertebrates!!

Nexus Research Group - Protozoa in the Environment!!

Protozoa of Orange County, California!!

Search of Stanford on protozoa!!!

Protistology an International Journal!!

The Amoebae - This web site is an attempt to draw together information on the amoeba from the various sources!!

Amoebae on the Web - Web-site dedicated to systematics and identification of naked lobose amoebae!!

A Glossary of Terms Applied to Amoebae!!


And You Thought Jabberwocks Were Weird!!

The Postal Microscopical Society - Check out their Links Page!!

From Above - Amoeba Lore!!

Ciliate Image Database!!

The Ciliate Resource Archive is a comprehensive tool for students, educators, and researchers of ciliates (Phylum Ciliophora)!!

Introduction to the Ciliata!!

Protists and Fungi!!

Micrographia is for those who use microscopes in their investigations of the world around them. It is for students and teachers of (especially) fresh water biology in their search for creature identification and illustrative material, for both amateur and professional light microscopists seeking to extend the performance of their instruments and to record the images they produce ..... and for anyone at all who feels like a browse through a minutely detailed world of small animals, small plants, and small things!

Bio-Image Database Project!!

Protists Movies - Part 2!!

Short Protozoa Movies!!

Droplet - Amateur Microscopy of the Protozoa!!!

A Virtual Pond Dip!

File protista!!

Ron's Pond Scum - An Adventure in Protozoan Art!!!

Search the Natural History Museum for Protozoa!!!

Introduction to the Oomycota - Water Molds: There are more than 500 species in the Oomycota -- these include the so-called water molds and downy mildews. They are filamentous protists which must absorb their food from the surrounding water or soil, or may invade the body of another organism to feed!

Protist Image Data!

Protist Databases!

326 Images, ZIP Files and Drawings of Protista at BioDiDac - Click on the Catagory at the Top Right!!!

BioMedia Associates Site - Has Some Pictures Of Protozoa and Products!

The Yahoo Microscope Discussion Club - anyone can Join!

Protist EST Program!

Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa!!

The Microbiology Network!!

Microscopic Critters of Guam!

Pond Water Critters that you can see with a microscope: Protozoans and Small Animals!

Collecting and culturing protozoans!

Some Photos at the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography - Find them!!

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica - PROTOCTISTA: foraminiferans, amoeba, algae, diatoms!

Molluscan Marine Biology Sites - Trust Me!

Fredericella sultana through a microscope!

Petite Pictures: The 20 Microscopic Photo Competition Prizewinners!

Worlds largest Ultrastructure images gallery online - Has A Section on Protozoa - Check Out the Link Also!

Plasmodiophorid Home Page!

Beginners tips on collection and studying protozoa!

The World of Protozoa, Rotifera, Nematoda and Oligochaeta!

Radiolaria are holoplanktonic protozoa widely distributed in the oceans!

Protist Park!

The Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology!

Welcome to the Microbe Zoo! To discover the many worlds of hidden microbes,touch an environment in the map above!

International Society for Evolutionary Protistology!


Biology 625 (Animal Parasitology) ANIMAL AND HUMAN PARASITE IMAGES - Protozoa Section!

This page of the WWW-Virtual Library covers all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy!

protista/bionet.protista Newsgroup Archive!

University of Wisconsin Microscopy Resource Page!!

Leica Microsystems!!

Freshwater ponds provide a home for a wide variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, insects, and animals. The vast majority of pond inhabitants, however, are invisible until viewed under the microscope. Beneath the placid surface of any pond is a microscopic metropolis bustling with activity as tiny bizarre organisms pursue their lives; locomoting, eating, trying not to be eaten, excreting, and reproducing. In this collection of digital movies, observe the activities of microscopic organisms taken from a typical North Florida pond!

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery. Our gallery contains hundreds of examples of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope) selected from our many collections!

Nikon's Small World Gallery - The Nikon Small World Gallery gives you a glimpse into a world that most have never seen. It is a window into a universe that can only be seen through the lens of a microscope!

Savona Books: England - Specialising in Microscopy and Related Subjects!!

Project Micro!!

Keys to a hidden marine world!

Micro World - Guide to Online Microscopy and Microanalysis Resources!

Instruction Manual for Olympus Photomicrographic System Group - Instructive all around!

Welcome to Nikon's MicroscopyU website, designed to provide an educational forum for all aspects of optical microscopy, digital imaging, and photomicrography. Together with the scientists and programmers at Molecular Expressions, Nikon microscopists and engineers are providing the latest state-of-the-art information in microscope optics and imaging technology including specialized techniques such as fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC), phase contrast, reflected light microscopy, and microscopy of living cells. We invite you to explore our website and discover the exciting world of optics and microscopy!

'Making Darkfield Illumination is easy' - by Mike Samworth and Wim van Egmond! and Wim van Egmond!

The World of Photo-Microphotography - Olympus!

Physicists find way to explore microscopic systems through holographic video!


Principles of Technical Photography and Photoinstrumentation!

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy - Science and Photography Through a Microscope!

Microscopic Wonders!!

Mircoscopy site at Cells Alive!

MICSCAPE Magazine!

Microscopy UK online resources!

History of the microscope!!

Carolina Biological Supply has a lot of Protozoa to buy in their Catalogue!

Trans-Mississippi Biological Supply has Protozoa!

Digital Scientific Imaging Cameras For Microscopes - Works with your computer for imaging!

Diagnostic Intruments Inc. Camera for Microscopes!!

Microscope World - Microscopes, Microphotography and Microvideo!!

Confocal Microscopy Internet Resources!!

Sony CCD Cameras & Digital Video Cameras!!

Digital Cameras on Fujitsu chipset!!!

Free Microscopy Vendors Database (MVD) is one of the largest microscopy vendors database in the world and consist more than 1300 vendors from field of optical and electron microscopy, image analysis, spectroscopy, microscopy instrumentation, spare parts suppliers and accessories and much more - Many Non-Deceased!

DemoSlide - Grow and Show!

Protozoan Videos - Check Out Carolina Biological Supply Also!

Paramecium - (Everything you need to know about paramecium.)!

One-Celled Protozoa Will Have Sex Inside a Cat Before Killing You!

Protozoologists For Fun Page!

AmoebaRace Forum at SodaRace!

Not Protozoa But I like Them! Plus other Microscopic organisms

Slime molds prove you don’t need a brain to learn — or teach — a new trick!

Introduction to the "Slime Molds"!!

Welcome to the DictyBase The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized source for information about Dictyostelium discoideum and related organisms and to facilitate communication between researchers involved in studies of these fascinating organisms!!!

Dictyostelium discoideum - Genome Project!!!

NIH's Info on Dictyostelium discoideum!!!

Slime May Exist on Mars - Not Slime Molds - but View Next Article!!!!

"Smart" Slime Mold - Referenced to Behavior; but what of the potential Slime on Mars?!!!

The Tardigrade: Practically Invisible, Indestructible 'Water Bears' - While not protozoa. I like looking at them!!!


Other Microscopic OrganismsI!!

Pond Water Animals, Not to be confused with Protists!!

Macrothrix or Daphnia!!

Crideria of Organge County!!

Zooplankton of Southern California!!

Microlife: Insects, crustaceans & allies!!

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