Don't Even Think about Colonizing Mars!!!

Now Wait a minute people! Just wait a minute on this Space Exploration and Mars settlement thing and think it through. Remember what happened to Great Britain and the American Colonies!! Sure!!!!!! Think about it!!!!

OKAY! Here it is!!! We spend 20 Trillion to send a bunch of people up there. Of course first we have to spend 20 Trillion to Build huge Biospheres for people to live in. And that may be an underestimate. Sure the recent Biosphere experiment failed because the walls absorbed Carbon Dioxide. They had to pump Oxygen in. Now we solve that and send people up there and we have spent at a minimum 40 Trillion to do it. And what do we do????? Well just like Great Britain we try to recoup a little of our expenses. So we sent a little, veryyyy little, bit of tea up there with a reasonable tax on it. AND WHAT DO THE UNGRATEFUL RESIDENTS OF MARS DO???!!!??? WELLLLL,THEY DUMP IT IN A Crater on Mars and declare independence from the Earth. IE - No tax due!! So we reasonably send up a military expedition to quell this totally unreasonable revolt. And what happens?????? Wellll! After another 25 Trillion is spent to conduct the war, we loose it due to the supply line problem (versus theirs or course), the proximity of the battlefield (Mars), to the shocking activities of Pirate raiders on our supply ships and due to the unpopularity of the war back home. So the result? Well we have established a bunch of ungrateful revolutionaries on Mars and have bankrupted the world after spending 65 Trillion on the whole project. Now we have a powerhouse on Mars, telling us how, when, where and why any future space explorations will be conducted. Now I am Biased in favor of the earth. And I suggest that the majority of you people who most likely will not be part of the elite who will be spreading their Gene pool into deep space, think about this. It ain't worth it people! Stay on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides think of the Dr. Who moral quandary. We have been beaming all these Dr. Who episodes into space on how benign and kind human like creatures are. Then we get out there and act just like we do on earth - IF IT COMPETES WITH US EXTERMINATE IT! IF IT DON'T SERVE MAN OR IF WE CAN'T SERVE IT AS POT ROAST EXTERMINATE IT!!!

NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! We cannot advertise ourselves as the good tooth fairy and go around acting like Daleks!!

Stop it NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This page last updated on April 5, 2001.