Wolfie & Environmental Sites

My Page on Environmental Organizations, News and Concepts!

Environmental News!!

My page on Vital Information on Genetically Modified Organisms!

Info on Genetically Modified Organisms!!

My page on Vital Information on Bees!

IMy Page on Bees!!

My page on Nanoparticles!

My page on Nanoparticles

My Page to links that show Climate Change May be coming or that show interesting items about the climate!

Links that show possible Climate change coming and other intersting items on Climate!!

Items of Interest!

George Monbiot on the environment!!

Extinction Catalog: Every hour I'll tweet 1 of the 22482 species that are known to be in danger of extinction, which will last from 12/21/14 to 07/12/17!!

Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition Full Film!!


Important information from the Doc "Gasland 2"!

On Wings of Care - Saving Lives and Habitat!


The Greenwashing Blog - Misleading Claims about environmental benefits!

A new website has been launched - GMO Evidence - designed to be a worldwide user-friendly library of evidence of harm caused by GMOs and glyphosate to animals and humans!

NEW! Genetic Roulette the Movie - A film by Jeffrey M. Smith on Genetic Engineering!

Greening Schools - The purpose of the project was to help schools provide a safe and healthy environment. The project was also designed to provide teachers with standards-based tools to introduce the concepts of waste reduction and pollution prevention to students!! Link Provided by Kathryn Miller's science class!

The Story of Bottled Water!! Link Provided by Kathryn Miller's science class!

The Environmentally Friendly Car!! Link Provided by Kathryn Miller's science class!

Recycling 101!! Link Provided by Kathryn Miller's science class!

The Whole Monsanto Rag Song!!

What’s On My Food? is a searchable database designed to make the public problem of pesticide exposure visible and more understandable!!

NON GMO Project!!!!!

New GE Fish Campaign Website!!!

Stop Frankenfish!

Organic Consumers Association!!

Food and Water Watch!

The Center for Food Safety!

Civil Eats!

VIDEO - Salmon Are Sacred:The Migration Begins!!

Non-GMO strawberry cross causes sickness in some people!!!

New site attacks Jeffrey Smith!!

Annie's Annuals & Perenials wins, hands down, the award for best planls, best packaging and best conditons of shipped plants of all the plant growers I have used in the last 10 years - Buy here!!

World renowned scientist lost his job when he warned about GE foodsl!

Institute for Responsible Technology - Consumer Safety Partnerl!

Seeds of Dexception - anti-GMO Sitel!

Deltoid Science Blogl!

Green Homes for Sale!

350.org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis!

Predator Friendly Sites to My Knowledge - If They say it Ain't So - Don't Pay a Premium Price for it!!

The Concept of Predator Friendly Wool!!!!

The Lasater Ranch in Matheson, Colo. Raises Grassland enviromentally Friendly Beef. If your serious about the environment buy his beef. Put your pocketbook where your mouth is!!!

Thirteen Mile Wool Company - They just sale wool products; but have a place you can buy lamb!!

American Grassfed Association!!

Article talking about Grass Fed Beef and Tom Lasater!!

Subsidized killing of carnivores fails to protect US sheep industry - Just another reason to buy Predator Friendly Meat and reduce the cost to the government since there would be no need to kill predators!!!

My Findings of the Diversity of Microorganisms in Lasater Water !

Article From the May 11, 1997 Issue of "The Denver Post" on The Predator Friendly Lasater Ranch!

Article in May 2003 The Atlantic Which Features the Lasater Ranch!

Your Web Site For Grassfed Meat, eggs and Dairy!!!

U Tube projectcoyote!

The Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding Dog program is a successful, innovative program that has been helping to save the wild cheetah in Namibia since 1994. Working with local farmers and their livestock, this program is one of several non-lethal predator management strategies that CCF has developed!!!

Anatolian Shedard Dog - Old World Dogs for the New World!

1993 Article on Guard Llamas!!!

Michigan Grass Fed Beef Farm!!

Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats!!

Predator-Friendly Farming: Perceived Efficacy of Livestock Guarding Dogs in South Africa !!

Environmental Humor!

Code Green from Stephanie McMillan!

"Save The West!" - Without Getting Your Hands Dirty!

Afterwards, in his dream, I give Him A Cold one when he asks for it!!

Bush's Forest Policy!!!

Wildlife Law, Legislation and Environmental Justice!

Environmental Legal Blogs!

FindLaw - Endangered and Protected Species - Have to Search now!

SELC is the leading environmental organization dedicated solely to protecting the natural resources of the South!

Wild Law - Environmental Law Education On A National, International, And State Level!

Advocates for the West is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation law firm using environmental laws to protect the West’s rivers, public lands, and wildlife!

On this site you will find a comprehensive repository of information about animal law!

American Society of International Law - Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law - International Environmental Law!

International WaterLaw Project!

ECOLEX - A Gateway to Environmental Law!

ENTRI Treaty Summaries - The majority of summaries provided here are from the United Nations Environment Programme Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of Environment!

Do a search on Law of Regulatory Takings!

The mission of the Environmental Law Center is to educate for stewardship, to teach an awareness of underlying environmental issues and values, to provide a solid knowledge of environmental law, and to develop skills to administer and improve environmental policy!

Environmental Law Institute - ELI’s mission statement: "To advance environmental protection by improving law, policy, and management!"

A Search of Environmental Law - The University of Colorado School of Law!!!

Wallace Stegner Center for Land, Resources and the Environment!!

Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law!!

EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund!!!

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is dedicated to creating, implementing and building solutions where they are needed most - training local people and communities who are directly affected to investigate, expose and combat environmental degradation and abuse!!!

Trustees for Alaska - A Non-Profit, Public Interest, Environmental Law Firm!!!

A Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Scholarship and Education About Legal & Policy Issues Affecting the Oceans!!!

The Nereus Program is a global interdisciplinary initiative between the Nippon Foundation and the University of British Columbia that was created to further our knowledge of how best to attain sustainability for our world’s oceans!!!

Archbold Biological Station's Web-site Gateway!!!

Montana Environmental Information Center!!

NHI is a non-profit natural resources law and consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. NHI works to foster conservation and sustainable use of the world's limited stock of natural resources by improving the laws that govern, and the institutions that manage them!!!

Based in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) has been working in partnership with low income communities and communities of color to achieve environmental justice since 1993!

Wolf Sites!

World Wide Wolf Site at Defenders For Kids!

People and Carnivores!

Colorado Wolf Reintroduction site!!

Rethinking The Big Bad Wolf!

How Wolves Change Rivers!

Gray wolf in Wisconsin!

Western Wolves Advocates for Sound Management of Wolves!

Minnesota DNR Wolf Management Page!

The mission of Timber Wolf Alliance is to use public education to promote and assist in achieving a sustainable population of wolves in the western Great Lakes region with a special emphasis on Michigan and Wisconsin!!

Mission Wolf!! Educational wolf sanctuar!!

Sanctuary in Eurka MO. They saved the Mexican Wolf

Wolves Ontario was created due to the dire situation facing wolves in Ontario!!

Wolf Source!

Gray Wolf News, Information and Recovery Status Reports!!

Gray Wolf Information Links - (Gray Wolves Are Needlessly Being Slaughtered!)!!

US Gov Site About Wolf Depredation on Livestock Search - Mainly in Minnesota!

An Article on The Mexican Wolf Situation - With Links!!!

Red Wolves of Alligator River!!!

Gov Site on Gray Wolf Recovery!

US Gov Site On Mexican Wolf Recovery!

A USGS Wolf Search!

Alaska Department F&G - Wolf Search!


Bibliography and Guide to Wolf Literature 1968-1987

Wolf Tales Bookstore!

Ok! Here is My Wolfie Thesis From Metro State!!!

A Sad Site to Behold -! Kill the Wolves Organization!!

Photos of dead wolves from Kill the Wolves Organization!!

Special Sites!

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in N. Minn!!!

Ralph Maughan's Wolf Page and Other Connected Environmental Report Page For Yellowstone And Idaho!

Ralph Maughan's New Blog Format Site!

The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson!

Okefenokee Joe - Joe's message is deeply concerned with much more than just the snakes, and the swamp. As Joe puts it, "Our very existence on this planet depends upon the existence of all the life around us." And everywhere he goes he proves quite conclusively that there are ways for civilized man to coexist and cooperate with all of God's creation. "Civilized man is the one who needs to learn the rules," says Joe!

Mongabay.com aims to raise interest in wildlife and wildlands while promoting awareness of environmental issues!

League of Conservation Voters - Tells Legislators Voting Records!

Wildland Restoration Volunteers!

PADDDtracker.org monitors protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement (PADDD), the legal process through which national parks and nature reserves become weaker, smaller, or are removed completely.!

Wilderness First Aid Classes!

David Suzuki Foundation!

Voices for Biodiversity connecting humans with the natural world to help all species survive and thrive together!

Governmental Employees Blow the whistle on Bad Environmental Policies from the Government

The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees!

Links - The Grassroots Activist Web Site for the Wild Rockies Bioregion!!!

Keeping Chickens in Your backyard - all there is!

Heifer International does so much more than put food in the mouths of hungry people. Heifer helps people feed themselves - Give a Gift that will mean something!!!

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance!!!

Acorn Naturalists specializes in the development and distribution of science and environmental education resources. In both printed and electronic versions, we offer thousands of hard-to-find specialty products, including new curricula, field identification guides, plant and animal activity books, water quality monitoring equipment, audiovisual media, and unique tools for educators, naturalists, interpreters and camp leaders. All items are carried in stock at our own warehouse, and thus are available for immediate delivery!!

Greater Yellowstone Coalition!!!

Gary Wockner's Writing!!

A web log by nature and science writer Chris Clarke!!

Good Pics - Use to be better!!

Wildflowers & Weeds Home Page!!

Hatfield Environmental Consulting Group!

Environmental Health News!!

earthwise from the Union of Concerned Scientists!

The Trust For Public Land - Conserving Land For People!!!

Western Lands Project - Keeping Our Lands Public

BullFrog Films - Over the last 27 years, Bullfrog Films has become the leading US publisher of independently-produced, environmental videos, that point the way to living healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet, and for our descendants. We also distribute world-famous performing arts programs from Rhombus Media!

Veriscope Productions is an independent production company creating content for television, the Internet and theatrical release!

The Orion Society is an award-winning publisher, an environmental education organization, and a communications and support network for grassroots environmental and community organizations across North America!

GreenTreks Network, Inc.

This website provides an introduction to the environmental history of the Colorado Plateau!!

Colorado Division of Wildlife!!

The Land Institute!

Volunteer to Help Outdoor Colorado!

EarthLinks is an experiential Earth education organization that reaches out to residents of the inner city and persons living on the margins of society, broadening their experience of the Earth and offering them ways to expand their sense of community.!

Healing Our World!

National Parks Conservation Association!

EEB Courses!!!

Urban Wildlife Rescue, Inc. - Colorado!!!

UC Santa Cruz Press Releases Index!!

Conservation Magazine!

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a non-partisan non-profit government watchdog. Our mission is to investigate, expose, and remedy abuses of power, mismanagement, and government subservience to special interests by the federal government!

POGO's Blog!

Wilderness Inspirations!

Wildlife Conservation Society!!!

The NWHC was established in 1975 as a biomedical laboratory dedicated to assessing the impact of disease on wildlife and to identifying the role of various pathogens in contributing to wildlife losses!!

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center!!!

These pages provide samples of various natural sounds, promote nature recording and archiving, and provide a library of sounds that people can refer to when they hear something new!!!

Gulliver Films is a specialist producer of wildlife, natural history and environmental programs and education videos - Links Also!!!

Washington Department of Fish and Game - WildWatchCam!!!

AfriCam welcomes you to the world's first virtual game reserve!!

Information on Nanotechnology & Synthetic Biology!

Environmental Educational Sites and Materials for Teachers!

The North American Association for Environmental Education is a network of professionals and students working throughout North America and in over 55 countries around the world!

Educational REALMS hopes to facilitate improved teaching, learning, and scholarship in science, mathematics, technology, and environmental education through the active exchange of information and services!

Promoting sustainable natural resource management through ecosystem-based teaching, research, and outreach!

A portal to locate, contribute, and disseminate ecology education resources!

The Center for Ecoliteracy is a public foundation that supports a grant making program for educational organizations and school communities in the Bay Area, convenes networks of its grantees, sponsors projects consistent with its mission, administers donor advised funds, and manages a publishing imprint!

The Environmental Literacy Council is dedicated to helping citizens, especially young people, participate wisely in this arena!

EarthPulse from National Geographic - Check out Interactive Maps!

An interactive and easy-to-use educational resource about Earth, oceans and the environment!

The Leopold Education Project (LEP) is an innovative, critical thinking, conservation and environmental education curriculum based on the classic writings of the renowned conservationist, Aldo Leopold!

National Wildlife Federation Environmental Education Site!

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning, interdisciplinary environmental education program for educators working with students in PreK through grade 12. PLT helps students gain awareness and knowledge of the natural and built environment, their place within it, as well as their responsibility for it!

Water Education for Teachers!

The Education Department at Environmental Concern not only provides wetland training for professionals and educators, but also produces numerous wetland publications!

The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1989 to serve the shared needs of Colorado's EE providers and users!

EPA's Environmental Education Center!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Educational Resources - Search Page!

Welcome to the Learning Place, your one place for finding all the education and interpretation related materials on ParkNet!

Indiana University - Description of the Environmental Law Program!!

The North American Association for Environmental Education - promoting a healthy, sustainable environment through education!!!

School of Biological and Environmental Sciences!!

Environmental Education Site!!!

Other Predator or Predator Related Sites!

The Canid Specialist Group (CSG)!

Tim's Coyote Page!

Project Coyote!

Coyote Coexistence!

Keystone Conservation!

Predator Friendly Certification - Because Wildlife Matters!

Obscene Dead Predator Display!!!

Focus West's Production on Predators of the West!!!!

The Wolverine Foundation!!

The Wolverine Blog!!

Grizzly Bear Outreach Project!

Dedicated to the Preservation of Accurate Bear Beliefs!!!

Don't Fence The Griz Into Yellowstone - Save the Species!!!!

Great Bear Foundation - Bears Around the World!!!

Wildlife Services!!

Cornell Univ. Report on Livestock - Has Recent Cattle and Sheep Loses to Predators!

Snow Leopard Blog!!

The Cougar Fund!!

The Snow Leopard Trust!

Welcome to the Cheetah Conservation Fund!

World News On Lynx!

Predator FAQ's from Ron at Sheep's Creek Farms

Vertebrate Pests - Australia!!

Carnivore Cancer - Tasmanian Devil being driven to extinction!

New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society!

Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge!

Yellowstone Bison Info and Sites!

Ralph Maughan's Web Page on the Great Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

Native American's voice their views on the Bison Slaughter

Save The Last Free Wild Bison Herd in The Yellowstone Greater Ecosystem!!!

Buffalo Field Campaign!


Deer, Elk, Caribou And Such Sites!

Caribou and You!

The Mule Deer Foundation!

Information on The Woodland Caribou!

The Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board, a group of hunters, biologists and wildlife managers working together to conserve Canada's vast Beverly and Qamanirjuaq caribou herds for the welfare of traditional caribou-using communities and others!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation!

Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance!

Environmental Newspapers or News Sites or Publication Info Or Media Sites or Blogs!

High Country News. Environmental News of the West!

The Wildlife News!!

Mountain News!!

nature.com Blogs!

Cool Green Science!!

The Brad Blog - Green News!

Science and Nature News from the Australian!

Environmental News from The Dominion - Canada's Grassroots Newspaper!

InfoNews from Mindfully.org!

Great Lakes Radio Consortium!

Great Lakes Echo!

Ring of Fire Radio!

Ecology and News from Scribol

Earth Island Institute - Good Stuff!!!

Wide Open Spaces!

Cascadia Times - An Independent Newspaper for the Pacific Northwest!!

The Olympian Environment Page!!

News and Views - The goal of the Montana Forum is to tap this potential to bring people together. We will focus on issues that affect Montanans in the belief that the more Montanans know, the better they will be able to affect the outcome of those issues - Appears Dated!!

L.A. Times Environmental and Science Site!!

BBC Nature News and Resources!!

ABC Environmental News Australia!!

South African Environmental News Site!!

The Oregonian - Environmental News!

The Idaho Statesman - Environmental News!

Environmental News From The Independent.co.uk!

Environmental News From Planet Ark!

On Earth - The magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council!

CNN's Science and Nature!

MSNBC's Enviromental News Site!

NPR's Living On Earth!

Environmental Working Group - Cutting-Edge Research on Health and The Environment!!


Environmental Information Service Provided by The Environmental Defense Fund!

Environmental News Network!

Welcome to Environment & Energy Publishing, the leading source for comprehensive, daily coverage of environmental and energy policy and markets!

Milwaukee Journal Outdoors!!

Detroit Free Press Outdoor News!!

This is the homepage of Environmental Research Foundation "News and resources for environmental justice." Providing understandable scientific information about human health and the environment - Archive!

Science and Nature News From Canada!

Grist Environmental Magazine!

Gallatin Writers represents a confluence of academics, environmental and community leaders, political economists, and public intellectuals!

Ensia is a magazine showcasing environmental solutions in action. Powered by the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, we connect people with ideas, information and inspiration they can use to change the world!

The ecosystem, an extension of self - Articles on the Environment by "The Christian Science Monitor!"

USGS News Room!!

The Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and effective use of environmental media!!

Sites Concerned With Forests!

Vital Forest News

Wild West Institute!

Fire Effects Information!

FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System - a Program for Fire Danger Rating Analysis!

Silvics of North America!


Salvaging ancient logs sunk in Lake Superior - Superior wood!!

Global Forest Watch is an international data and mapping network that combines on-the-ground knowledge with digital technology to provide accurate information about the world's forests!!!

Forest Inventory and Analysis - National Program Office!!

National Interagency Fire Center!!

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance is a conservation association of fish, wildlife and habitat stakeholders who will motivate hunters and anglers to positively influence the future of our 192 million-acre National Forest system!!!

The Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition (SAFC) is a unique coalition working to protect of its kind working to protect our region’s public lands at the landscape level -- beyond political and ownership boundaries!!

DogWood Alliance - Defending Southern Forests and Communities!!!

South Wings - Conservation through Aviation!!

Forest Health and Conditions!!!

Welcome to the Forest Biology and Dendrology Educational Sites at Virginia Tech !!

Native Forest Council - Protecting Publically owned Forests!!!!

The Yellowstone National Park Wildland Fire Website!

Conservatree is a nonprofit catalyst and advocate for ecologically sustainable paper markets, combining environmental commitment with paper industry and technical savvy!!!

Save-the-Redwoods League!

Davis and Company Have Their Input On All Aspects of Forestry!

The Source for Forest Health, Natural Resources and Silviculture Images!

Fields of entomology, forestry, forest health and natural resources Covered!

The Forest Options Group Proposal!

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests for the benefit of the global community!

Particular Enviromental Organizations!

Defenders Of Wildlife's Kids Planet!

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life!

Natural Resources Defense Council!

Permaculture Visions International!

Bullock's Permaculture Portal!

Farming, Gardening, Sustainable Living, Wild flowers and other Native Flora Related Sites!

A nonprofit organization preserving Native American crop seeds!

Seeds Trust is a 19 year old family corporation dedicated to delicious home gardens, stunning native landscapes and saving seeds!!

Lots of Good Xeriscaping Garden Goods!

Dedicated to the Preservation of California's Native Flora!

EliteFarmer.com - Aims to disseminate information of use to people with small farms or rural property. Topics include Farming,gardening,flowers,plants,seeds and much more. Most documents are in pdf format.!

Community Supported Agriculture!

The Cornucopia Institute!

Civil Eats Magazine!

Polyface Farm!

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association!

IFAD - Investing in Rural People!!

Real Farmacy!

Mother Earth News!

Welcome to Beneficial Farms CSA!!

Earth Open Source!!

Cooking with Chef Shellie and your Grant Farm CSA!!

Brigitte Mars - Herbalist, author, raw food chef!!

Bakers Green Acres - Michigan!!

The true cost of food!!

LocalHarvest maintains a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Our search engine helps people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. Our online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area!

Buy Heritage Meats before these rare breeds disappear!!

Feces Farming and You!!!

jill ettinger!!

Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk!!

Your guide to Colorado Farmer's Markets, roadisde stands, u-picks and agritourism activities!

Monroe Organic Farms, LLC. - A CSA in Colorado!

Boulder Altan Alma Organic Farm!!

Eat Drink Better!!

The Chefs Collaborative is a network of chefs, restaurateurs and other culinary professionals who promote sustainable cuisine by teaching children, supporting local farmers, educating each other & inspiring their customers to choose clean, healthy foods.!

Land Stewardship Project fosters an ethic of stewardship for farmland, promotes sustainable agriculture and sustainable communities!

The Small Farm Resource ...established 1995!

Western Colorado Research Center Research Reports!

EcoVersity - Sustainable Living/Land Based Learning!

the purpose of this web site is to serve as a brokerage of information, a meeting place, a consultation facility and a source for professional update on the most important issues of plant environmental stress - Check the Links Page Also!

Plant Information OnLine!

Plant Talk from the Colorado State University Extension Service!!

Garden Catalogue of Varieties of seed - Rare, unusual, and heirloom species!

The Land Institute has worked for over 20 years on the problem of agriculture. Our purpose is to develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of the prairie and a grain yield comparable to that from annual crops!

Soil and Water Conservation Society!

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy!

ETC group is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. To this end, ETC group supports socially responsible developments of technologies useful to the poor and marginalized and it addresses international governance issues and corporate power!

Preserve Genetic Diversity By Saving Seeds!

The Grass Farmer Magazine!

A national laboratory dedicated to the concept of developing environmentally sound agricultural production systems!

ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - is the national sustainable farming information center!

American Farmland Trust is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to protect our nation's farmland. AFT works to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment!

Welcome to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture!

The Cornucopia Institute - Promoting Economic Justice for Family Scale Farming!

Food First - Institute For Food and Development Policy!

National Agricultural Statistics Service!

National Geographic charts our dwindling food variety!

Support SMALL FARMING, Local Growers, Community Supported Agriculture and Farm Direct Marketing - all part of the Fertile Cresent Concept!

The Food Project brings together thousands of youth and adults to grow organic vegetables that are donated to homeless shelters and sold at urban farmers' markets and to families in suburban Boston!

The Rural Coalition is an alliance of regionally and culturally diverse organizations working to build a more just and sustainable food system!

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service!

Certified Organic Seeds!

Welcome to the home page of Growing for Market, the national newsletter for direct market farmers!

Jewish Vegetarians of North America!

Vegetable Information!

Colorado Gardening - Drought and Xeriscape™ Info!

The Merck Veterinary Manual!!!

FDA's Center For Veterinary Medicine!

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect nearly 100 breeds of cattle, goats, horses, asses, sheep, swine and poultry from extinction!!!

bide a wee farm: registered Jacob & Navajo-Churro sheep and wool products!

Rodale Institute!

The Daily Pitchfork!

ACRES USA - A Voice for Eco-Agriculture!

The Iowa Farmers Info Site!

Farm News for NZ Farmers!

Organic Consumers Association!

Agriculture Research Council - South Africa!

Grasshoppers: Their Biology, Identification and Management!

Western Native Seed specializes in seeds of plants which are native to the Rocky Mountains, western Great Plains, and adjacent areas. What do we mean by "native"? We consider native plants to be those which existed in North America prior to European settlement and naturally occur in a given habitat!

Harlequin's Gardens in Boulder Colorado is your place to shop for Colorado Natives and Xeriscapic Plants!

Annie's Annuals and Perennials!!

Plants of the SouthWest!!

Toadshade Wildflower Farm!

Stokes Seeds - Flower and Vegetable Seed!


Native Plant Society of New Mexico!!

Dave's Garden (or, DG, as it has come to be known) is a website where friends share their triumphs and dilemmas in their gardens and their lives!!

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve - Check out the Links also!!

Prairie Moon Nursery: Your complete source for Native Prairie and Meadow Seeds for Wetlands, Prairies, Savannas, and Woodlands!!

Fish, Water and Riparian and Sea Life and Related Sites!

What are Estuaries?

Native Fish Research Group at UBC!!

Trout Unlimited Homepage!!

Welcome to Practical Fishkeeping!!

Oregon Native Fish Status Report!

Stanford University Hopkin Marine Station Tuna Research and Conservation Center!!

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals!

A Global Informaltion Base on Fish!

American Fishes.com!

Darrin Fresh Water Institute!!

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) is the UK’s Centre of Excellence for research in the terrestrial and freshwater environmental sciences!

Ogden · Freshwater Environment & Ecology Trust - Yahoo Membership Group!


Salmon Nation!

Mission is to restore wild Salmon to the waters of the Pacific NorthWest!

Battle For the Klamath Blog Spot!

Farmed Salmon - Farmed and Dangerous!

Stream and Riparian Research Laboratory!!

South Dakota State University Water Resources Institute!!

The Water Information Program!!

Living Rivers promotes river restoration through mobilization. By articulating conservation and alternative management strategies to the public, we seek to revive the natural habitat and spirit of rivers by undoing the extensive damage done by dams, diversions and pollution!!

A Google Search on River Watchers!!

Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program!


National Wetlands Inventory!

The Society of Wetland Scientists!

Coastal Marine Resource Center!

Working to Protect and Restore Western Watersheds and Wildlife!

Duck's Unlimited Canada!!

To promote better understanding of Colorado's water resources and issues by providing balanced and accurate information and education!

Water Keeper Alliance is dedicated to preserving and protecting your water from polluters!

The Ramsar Wetlands Data Gateway provides access to spatial and tabular data relevant to Wetlands of International Importance listed under the auspices of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (established in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971)!

The goal of the Sandhills Management Program is to enhance the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies!

Lake Links!

World Water Council Site!

Information on the World's Freshwater Resources!

Information on the World's Freshwater Resources - 2!

The Clean Water Network!

Welcome to Water Research Network! This is a multidisciplinary database of research, researchers and institutions dealing with fresh water issues all over the world. The network includes natural and social sciences as well as the humanities!

A Resource Center on US Rivers and Action Alerts to Protect Them!

The Colorado Riparian Association!

Environmental Concern, Inc. - A non-profit organization dedicated to wetland restoration, research, and education since 1972!!!

Richard B. Winston's Wetland Links!

American's WetLand Foundation

Water Quality Group!

Wetlands - Characteristics and Boundaries - Summary of a report!!

Splash: Protecting Water and Habitat Through Education!!

EPA - Wetlands!

The Adopt-A-Pond wetland conservation programme originally focused on providing educational materials for educators and their students! And now For Homeowners also!

Article Talking About How Replacement Wetlands Are Usually Inferior to Original Wetlands!

American Rivers!

Sea Grant Media News Center!

SeaWeb is a project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it!

The Ocean Conservancy combines science-based advocacy, grassroots activism, litigation, education and outreach to find lasting solutions to issues affecting our oceans and all marine life!

Pelagic Fisheries Research Program - Joint Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Research School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology!

Oceana is a non-profit international advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the world's oceans through policy advocacy, science, law and public education!

Amphibia And Reptiles!

Connecting children, parents, educators, and scientists to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats!

Deformed Amphibian Research at Hartwick College!

USGS - North American Amphibian Monitoring Program!

The Creature Feature: 10 Fun Facts About Hellbenders!

Amphibian Specialist Group!

AmphibiaWeb is an online resource for people concerned with the declining amphibian problem!

Info on Deformed Frogs in Minnesota!!

Partners in Amphibian and Reptile conservation!

A Page Devoted to Marine Turtles!

Site Involving Species, Biodiversity, Alien Species, Conservation, Habitat Conservation, Habitat Research and Endangered Species!

Another Chance To See - The latest news on the endangered animals visited by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine for their book "Last Chance To See".

The Current Mass Extinction!

Darwin Manuscripts!

Biodiversity Research Center!

To understand how abiotic drivers and constraints affect dynamics and stability in an aridland ecosystem!

Te Papa Atawbal - New Zealand's Department of Conservation!

VN's project of the web -based Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity is shielded by Mexican Conservation Organization - Conexion con la Vida Silvestre, A.C., dedicated to the study and conservation of Mexican wildlife!

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation!

Center for Environmental Research and Conservation!

Wild Earth Guardians!

ConserveOnline is a "one-stop" online, public library, created and maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation organizations!!

Ecology and Conservation in the Haddad Lab!!

The Concept of Critical Habitat!!

Mission is to Establish and sustain a "Knowledge Commons" where individuals and communities can work and learn together to develop sustainable ways to manage the Earth's natural resources - Also Has Listings Of Endangered Species!!!

NatureServe is a non-profit conservation organization that provides the scientific information and tools needed to help guide effective conservation action. NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs are the leading source for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems!!

Natural Resources Today - A weblog for the discussion of natural resources law and policy issues and controversies, including court decisions, Congressional action and regulatory developments, with commentary, analysis and news!

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center - To excel in wildlife and natural resource science, providing the information needed to better manage the nation's biological resources!!

The Tree of Life Project: A collaborative Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity!

Nature Kenya - Connecting People and Nature!

Endangered Species and Wetland Report!

Committee on Recently Extinct Organisms - Our mission is to foster an improved understanding of species' extinctions that have occurred in recent times!

Animal Info - Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals!

The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories!

Center for Conservation Biology!

Natural History of Orange County, California!

Mono Basin Clearinghouse!

Fish and Game Californial!

By using Lifemapper as your computer's screen saver, you will help discover knowledge of the life of the planet for the benefit of the Earth, its inhabitants and its environments!

The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF) facilitates the work of its members in identifying and implementing effective and appropriate solutions to the commercial exploitation of endangered and threatened species!

Procession - Annual Procession of the Species Celebration - will be celebrated yearly - check it out!

Invasive Species Weblog!

Invasive Species Science from the Fort Collins Science Center!

U.S. Government Site On Invasive Species!

The mission of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) project is to provide technology, methods, and information to decision-makers, resource managers, and the general public to aid in the fight against harmful alien species in Hawaii!

Introduced Marine Species of Hawaii!

Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean Sea!

USGS - Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Website Links!

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America!

Center For Biological Diversity!

The World Biodiversity Information Network (REMIB) is a computerized system of biological information (it includes databases of a curatorial, taxonomic, ecological, cartographic, bibliographic, ethno-biological type, use of catalogues on natural resources and other subject matters), based on an academic inter-institutional decentralized and international organization, formed by research and higher education centers, both public and private, that possess both scientific biological collections and data banks!

The Society for Ecological Restoration is an international non-profit organization infused with the energy of 2300 members!!

Ecological Restoration!

EE Link - Endangered Species!

Native Plants Journal and Network!!

Adopt a Prairie Dog!!

US Government Site on Preble's!

The Shark Trust!

Limulus polyphemus - The Horseshoe crab!!

Kent Holsinger's page!

Missouri Conservationist OnLine!

Endangered Species Coalition!

IUNC Red List Of Threatened Species!

Mass Extinction and Links to!

Wide Open Spaces!!

Island Biogeography!

The goal of this project is to identify and make electronically available, as possible, those primary sources (especially periodical articles) that have most affected the evolution of our thoughts on the geographical and ecological distribution and diversity of life!


ISLAND BIOGEOGRAPHY (and Fragmentation)!!

Smart-Growth or Sprawl Sites!

Sprawl-Busters NewsFlash!

Smart Growth NetWork!!!

A Website about Consumptive Growth and Population Growth and their role in Urban Sprawl that destroys natural habitat and farmlands around US Cities!

Urban Growth Seen from Space!


Quit Smoking Community!

EPAs smoke free home site!

Energy, Global Warming, Sustainable Growth, Recycling and Ways To Make Energy Sites!

EnergyBulletin.net is designed to be a clearinghouse for current information regarding the peak in global energy supply!!

Smarter Fuel Future!

Energy News!

Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed Alternatives!!

Clean Tech!

Sustainable Oklahoma!

GETF is dedicated to working with all institutions of society to build an infrastructure for sustainable development!!

Improve strategic communications thinking on Development Issues among one!!

Nothing Can Grow Forever In A Finite World!

Globalisation and the Environment Blogspot!

World Resources Inbstitute!

Program Developed for CO2 System Calculations!

The Carbon Cycle and Earth's Climate!

Energy Wire!

Pacific Institute - Studies in Environment, Development and Security!

World Resources Institute is an independent nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, mapmakers, and communicators working to protect the Earth and improve people's lives!

Sustainable Measures develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment!

Oil and Gas Accountability Project!


The Consumer Education Initiative (CEI) is a program developed by the Environmental Issues Council of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). Its purpose is to inform consumers about recycling and reuse opportunities for used electronics!

Recycling 101!! Link Provided by Kathryn Miller's science class!

Recycling + Links!

Earth Day 2016: Where to Recycle Batteries, Gadgets!

Steel recycling resources!

Eco-Cycle ?Center For Hard to Recycle Materials - Colorado - find your own state!!

Sustainable Energy Institute!

Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy!

Fuel cells - Information, history and the Future!

The International Sustainability Indicators Network is a member-driven organization that provides people working on sustainability indicators with a method of communicating with and learning from each other!

Center For Hard to Recycle Items in Boulder Colorado!!

Electronics and Appliances Recycling at Best Buy!!

Recycler's World was established as a world wide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items or materials!

The World Conservation Monitoring Centre provides information services on conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resources, and helps others to develop information systems of their own!

Climate Solutions - Practicle Solutions to Global Warming!!

US Global Change Research Program!!

The Influence of Climate Change on Global Crop Productivity1l!

World View of Global Warming!

The primary aim of Greenhouse Gas Online is to provide a freely available and up to date resource dedicated to greenhouse gas news and scientific publications!

Californians Against Waste!

The Mission of the Quivira Coalition is to foster ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive public and private land stewardship!

Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) was founded in 1971 for the purpose of providing information to the public on the effects of energy development and resource exploitation on the people and their cultures, lands, water, and air of New Mexico and the Southwest!

Environ is an independent charity working to improve the environment and the communities we live in!

This site allows you to estimate the overall environmental impacts from producing a certain dollar amount of any of 500 commodities or services in the United States. It will provide rough guidance on the relative impacts of different types of products, materials, services, or industries with respect to resource use and emissions throughout the U.S!

American Planning Association!

Alliance to Save Energy!

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society promotes the social, economic, and environmental benefits of solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and energy efficiency technologies!


Solid State Lighting!

Frontline's - The New Power Business!

The USGS Central Energy Team provides periodic assessments of the oil and natural gas endowment of the United States!

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy!

The Center's mission is to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by providing companies and other organizations with tools and strategies that can improve the environment, while increasing profits and productivity!

Renewable Electricy Program!

The U.S. Department of Energy's premier laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research, development and deployment!


Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government!

Energy Efficient Products!

Danish Wind Industrial Association!

American Wind Energy Association!

National Wind Coordinating Committee!

British Wind and Marine Energy Association!

Bergey WindPower Company is the world’s leading supplier of small wind turbines. With installations in all 50 States and more than 90 countries, Bergey wind turbines have proven to be the best-built and most rugged turbines available!

Welcome to Nuclear Information and Resource Service & World Information Service on Energy! NIRS/WISE is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues!

Your guide to radioactive waste resources on the Internet!

EPA's Yucca Mountain Site!

EFN - Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy!

Bird Sites!

So, you have seen them on PBS and want a Raven or Crow as a Pet!

Welcome to gbwf.net, home of the Game Bird & Waterfowl Pages, an internet resource and community for enthusiasts of these great birds. Found within are fact sheets and images on many species of pheasants, peafowl, quail, francolin, partridge, swans, geese and ducks!

A Raptor Site!

American Bird Conservancy!

Once There Were Billions - Vanished Birds of North America!

The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory: RMBO was founded in 1988 to address a bird conservation and related public education need in the western U.S. Our mission is the conservation of Rocky Mountain and Great Plains birds through research and public education!

The Peregine Fund - Working to Conserve Wild Populations of Birds of Prey!

Welcome to hummingbirds.net, the source for information on attracting, watching, feeding, and studying North American hummingbirds!

In The Lab, West Nile Moves From Bird to Bird!

Others I can't Or Refuse to Catagorize!

The Canadian Magazine for Responsible Business!!

The website you are visiting is a project of three British-based organisations: People against Rio Tinto and Subsidiaries (Partizans), Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPlinks), and the Society of St.Columban all affected by mining!!

The Environmental Site - Forum to discuss!!

Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse!!

Plastic Pollution Coalition!!

The Diablo Trust is a collaborative group of ranchers, environmentalists, agency representatives, educators, community leaders, and others who for the last five years have been managing approximately 400,000 acres of Forest and High Desert land located about 30 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona on the Flying M and Bar T Bar Ranches!!

Darwin's NightMare -Darwin's Nightmare is a tale about humans between the North about globalization, and about and the South, fish. !


Texas Parks and Wildlife Site!

The # 1 Environmental Network for Healthy Living and a Healthy Planet!

People Thrown Out of their Property So That the Big Guys Can Get it!!

Uninversity of California, Berkeley - Bat Quiz!

CyberTracker: The most efficient method of field data collection!

Hawk Circle Wilderness Programs!

Cats Indoors - The Campagin to Keep Pet Cats Indoors and Away From Birds!

Living on Earth Environmental Web Site!

Friends of Earth!

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)!!

I SCIENCES is dedicated to the study of the living earth through science and technology!!

Teaming With Wildlife Web Site!

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy!

Access the Goverment Printing Office (GPO) For Documents, info and links to Government sites on the Environment!!!

Isle Royale Institute!!

The Student Conservation Association!

Dangerous Cleanup Work in Washington, D.C. - Group Brings Jobs, Hope to Anacostia Neighborhood!

Earthscape - An OnLine Resource on Global Environment!

Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Poetic songs on wild places!

Libby Roderick - Singer.Songwriter, Poet, activist, teacher and lifelong Alaskan!

Jim Page - Eco humorist and poet-muscian!

Dana Lyons Eco Lyricist!

Republican's For the Environment

Satya - Vegetarianism * Environmentalism * Animal Advocacy * Social Justice

Genetical Engeering, Genetically Modified and Food Safety!

Árpád Pusztai's Homepage!

Árpád Pusztai search on U Tube!!

E.A. (Ann) Clark - Risks of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

Ann Clark - Let the World Learn from North American Farmers' Experience with GMOs!!

The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 by Mae-Wan Ho and Peter Saunders to work for social responsibility and sustainable approaches in science. A major part of our work is to promote critical public understanding of science and to engage both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion. ISIS has been providing inputs into the GM debate that would have been conspicuously lacking otherwise!

NON-GMO Shopping Guide!!

Genetic engineering info from Mindfully.org!

Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Food Safety,Organic Agriculture, and Sustainability!

Genetically engineered food Safety Problems - Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology!

Genetic Engineering News - Industrial!

Will GM crops deliver benefits to farmers?

Norfolk Genetic Information Network!

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers!

Information Systems for Biotechnology (ISB) provides information resources to support the environmentally responsible use of agricultural biotechnology products. Here you will find documents and searchable databases pertaining to the development, testing and regulatory review of genetically modified plants, animals and microorganisms within the U.S. and abroad!

Jeffrey Smith on Twitter!!

Institute for Responsible Technology!!

Gene Watch UK!

GM Contamination Register!!

A Pro GMO site!!

Genetically Modified Food UK and World News!

Pesticides, Herbicides, Biological Controls, Pests - Related Sitesand Pollution Sites!

Beyond Pesticides!

This web site provides a searchable database of the noxious weed lists for all U.S. states and six southern provinces of Canada. The database can be searched by plant name, state name, or by clicking on a map!

Iowa State - Weed Science Reference Guide!

International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds!

Biological Control News!!

Grazing Weeds with Sheep - Lessons Learned!!

Pesticide Action Network!!

Natural Pesticides from Plants!!

The Pesticide Management Education Program at Cornell University!!

No Spray News - Archive!!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Division of Environmental Quality!!

Persistent Organic Pollutants - Archive!

Spectrum Lab's Descrption of Chemical Porperties of Compounds InVolved In Pollution - By CAS Number!!

EPA Site - The Field Analytic Technologies Encyclopedia (FATE). This online encyclopedia is intended to provide information about technologies that can be used in the field to characterize contaminated soil and ground water, monitor the progress of remedial efforts, and in some cases, for confirmation sampling and analysis for site close out!!

Chemical Industry Archives - A Project of the Environmental Working Group!!

The ECOTOX (ECOTOXicology) database provides single chemical toxicity information for aquatic and terrestrial life!!

DIY Cleaners You Can Make At Home!!

From 'The Nation' - The Secret History of Lead!!

Chronic Arsenic Poisoning: History, Study and Remediation introduction!!

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium!!!

Mother Jones' Article On Depleted Uranium!!!

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Fact Site!!!

Important Personal Environmental Web Pages!

Ray Rasmussen's Environmental Page!!!

George Gehrke - Wildlife Environmental Thesis!!!

Paul Starr on Privatization!!!

Making a Difference: Helping Yourself and Your Environment by Marina Michaels!

Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education!

Photographic Documentation and Discussion of Motorized Trailbike Damage to a Segment of the Colorado Trail/Continental Divide National Scenic Trail on the Alpine Tundra and in Adjoining Drainages on the Rio Grande National Forest and Gunnison National Forest San Juan Mountains, Colorado!

Specific Location or Type Sites!

WildEarth Guardians works to protect and restore wildlife, wild places and wild rivers in the American West!

A Multimedia Resource for Environment and Development Policy Makers!

Official Site of International Earth Day!!

United Nations Environment Programme!!

The Tech Museum of Innovation - Lots of Environmental Info!!!

Student Environmental Action Coalition!!

Gold Mining Ruins Communities!

sustainatlanta: Exploring Land Use Issues and Promoting sustainable development in Atlanta, Athens, and the Southeast !

Nature in the City San Francisco!!

Louisiana Environmental Action Network!

Citizen's Environmenatal Coalition - Houston!

Wisconsin State Herbarium!

Rochester Environmental!

The New Jersey Pinelands WebQuest!

New Jersey Audubon Society!

Environmental Advocates of New York is the voice of New York State’s environmental community—devoted to the protection of our magnificent state’s wildlife, land and people!

Colorado Plateau Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology!

San Juan Citizens Alliance!

The San Isabel Foundation is a nonprofit land trust, based in Westcliffe, Colorado!

Environment Colorado!!

Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction!

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) is a non-profit environmental education center located within the Hallam Lake Nature Preserve!

Walking Mountains Science Centerl!

Center for Western Priorities!

The InfoNet has been dedicated to providing support and services to nonprofits and activists in the Wild Rockies Bioregion since 1995!

Utah Society for Environmental Education!

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is a wilderness education and advocacy group that strives to keep Nevada's wild places wild!

WOC is the largest statewide conservation organization in Wyoming and the state's leading advocate for natural resources conservation and environmental protection!

Wyoming Game and Fish!


The Montana Environmental Information Center is a member-supported statewide advocacy and research organization. It was founded by concerned Montanans in 1973 to protect and restore Montana's natural environment. Often referred to as Montana's environmental watchdog, MEIC lobbies the state legislature, monitors state government, educates the public about environmental issues and provides citizens and communities with organizing and technical assistance!

Oregon Wild!!

Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness!!

America's Wilderness!!

The mission of The Bullitt Foundation is to protect, restore, and maintain the natural physical environment of the Pacific Northwest for present and future generations. The Foundation invites proposals from nonprofit organizations that serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, western Montana (including the Rocky Mountain range), and coastal Alaska from Cook Inlet to the Canadian border!!

The Ogden Nature Center is a 127-acre wildlife sanctuary and education center. Our mission is to unite people with nature in mutually enriching experiences and to nurture appreciation and concern for the environment!!!

Each week, OREGON FIELD GUIDE delights viewers of all ages as it celebrates Oregon's natural environment and its people. This Oregon Public Broadcasting series provides viewers with valuable information about outdoor recreation, ecological issues, natural resources and travel destinations!!

Idaho Conservation League!!

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center promotes conservation of the environment in Interior and Arctic Alaska through advocacy, education, and sustainable resource stewardship!

Friends of Iowa - Citizens United For Responsible Land Use!

Environment of the Great Lakes Region!

The Council of Great Lakes Governors - Shows Official Reasoning In the Area!

Muskegon River Watershed Assembly!


Welcome to Appalachian Voices, a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to defending Appalachian forests and communities!

KAHEA is an alliance of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) cultural practitioners, environmental activists and others concerned about cultural rights and our fragile environment!

Alaska Wilderness League - The Alaska Wilderness League supports legislative and administrative initiatives to protect Alaska's lands and waters, promotes national and local recognition of Alaska's spectacular environment through public education, strengthens grassroots activism on behalf of Alaska's environment, and provides leadership within the environmental community on selected issues that concern Alaska!

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society!

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)!

Welcome to the Save Our Environment Action Center -- a collaborative effort of the nation's most influential environmental advocacy organizations harnessing the power of the internet to increase public awareness and activism on today's most important environmental issues!

Prairies, Grasslands and Grazing!!

The Prairie Enthusiasts - See Links also!

Prairie Grass mixes!

Welcome to RangeNet, a network of individuals who are working to improve the ecological conditions of America's public rangelands!

Grazing Controversies in the American West!

Costs and Consequences - The real pricxe of Livestock grazing on America's Public Land!!

The Southern Plains Land Trust recognizes the immense and immediate need to preserve the declining shortgrass prairie ecosystems of the Great Plains. We utilize the strategy of land acquisition and restoration coupled with a strong outreach program and support for public lands reform!

USGS - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center!

Native Grass Resource Site!


The Bath University Centre for Prion Research!

Prions: On the Trail of Killer Proteins

Misc. Environmental and Ecological Sites!

Links to Field Research Sites from the International Organization of Biological Field Stations!!!

World Wildlife Fund Canada!!!

IberiaNature - A guide to the environment, geography, climate, wildlife, natural history and landscape of Spain!!

The Ecological Society of America!!!

At NCEAS, scientists conduct collaborative research on major fundamental and applied problems in ecology!!!

Raincoast Conservation Society!!!

The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network is a collaborative effort involving more than 1100 scientists and students investigating ecological processes over long temporal and broad spatial scales!

EcoFuture - Dedicated to Sustainability and the Ecological Future of Our Planet!!

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment !

Reith Lectures 2000 - Respect For The Earth!

World Resources Institute - The Natural Resources of the World!


Wilderness Watch - Protecting American Wilderness and Wild Rivers!

The International Coral Reef Action Network is a collaborative effort designed to reverse the decline of the world's coral reefs!

Coral Reef Studies!

ReefBase is the world's premier online information system on coral reefs, and provides information services to coral reef professionals involved in management, research, monitoring, conservation and education!

The Joint Global Change Research Institute houses an interdisciplinary team dedicated to understanding the problems of global climate change and their potential solutions. Joint Institute staff bring decades of experience and expertise to bear in science, technology, economics, and policy!

Your Gateway to the Environment and Hormones!

Center For Bioenvironmental Research!

Pacific Wild!

Wilderness Information Network!

PlanetSave.com is the one-stop online source and portal for community, information, and news related to the environment, health & wellness, philanthropy and other topics of common interest to “cultural creatives.” Alongside its select links and original news items it provides the alternative features, insider humor, and provocative commentary that are the hallmarks of the publication!

Friends of Conservation!

Beyond DiscoveryTM: The Path from Research to Human Benefit is a series of articles that trace the origins of important recent technological and medical advances. Each story reveals the crucial role played by basic science, the applications of which could not have been anticipated at the time the original research was conducted!!

Fort Collins, Colorado Science Center!!

Drought Severity Index in the US!

Water Resources of the United States!

These pages provide access to water-resources data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico!

Extreme temperatures around the world!

Extreme Weather and Climate Events!

World Climate - What the weather is normally like for tens of thousands of places worldwide!!

Remote sensing is the technology of observing the Earth from space!

A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming!

National Center for Atmospheric Research!

EPA EnviroMapper For Environmental Facts!

Streaming Video of Wildlife!

The Great Ape Project - Rights For the Great Apes!

Free Butterfly Garden Seeds, Quick Seed Purchases and Contributions for the Cause!

Anti-Environmental Organizations and info on them!

Info on Greenwash Companies and Corps!

Off-Roader's Anti-Environmental Page!

The Thoreau Institute - The Ultimate in Free Enterprise Solutions to The World Environment!

Abundant Wildlife Society of North America!

The Environmental Society Cost Benefit Guys in Action Show Up!

BlueRibbon Coalition - Wise Users On Machines!

Site for John Stokes Radio Show!

New Mexico Cattle Growers Association!

Canadian Cattlemen Have Their Say!

The Political American Farm Bureau have their say!

An Organization wanting reform of the Endangered Species Act - To Where it won't mean anything!!

Range Magazine - The Cowboy Spirit is Alive!!

The Western Livestock Journal On-Line!!

The The FenchPost ! On-Line - Publishing Ag Bias Throughout the West!!

Mountain States Legal Foundation!!

Pacific Legal Foundation Explained IN All!!

How Fanatical Property Rights Distorts History!!

Competitive Enterprise Institute - Libetarians Explain How They Will Bring About Environmental Nirvana! See the Private Conservation site has gone south - Yet the CEI still push it!!


The American Sheep Industry Association!!!

The Right Uses All Means to Debunk Environmentalism!

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