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The Following URL Links will provide you with Web Pages That May be of Interest to Young People!!!

  1. HCNU Classroom Program!

  2. Science! With the Amoeba Sisters!

  3. Playing Fun Moms!!

  4. ABC Children. Adventures for Children and Grown-ups!

  5. Mom Creates Periodic Table Battleship Game To Teach Her Kids Chemistry!!

  6. Environmental science!!

  7. An informational guide to internet safety but has specific sections on common safety concerns; it covers social media use, keeping kids safe online and password security. - Thank You Lisa Romero!!!

  8. Materials science!!

  9. A site with games, videos and educational pages for kids on topics like art, math and history. The site is organized into sections for kids in grades K-5, teens in grades 6-8, teachers and parents - Thank you Lisa Romero!!

  10. Math Games and Calculators for Kids - Thanks to Kaitlyn at Debbie DiBiase's after school program!!

  11. A great resource on how to make recycled crafts from junk - Discovered by Laila from Beth's youth group!!

  12. Steve Spangler's Science for Kids!!

  13. Eurekalert Science reporting for Kids!!

  14. ScienceKids Fun Science and Technology for Kids!

  15. Vaults for Kids!

  16. Physics Girl!!

  17. My Science Academy!

  18. The 10 Biggest Trends in Ed Tech!

  19. The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom!

  20. Welcome to Jiskha Homework Help! Jiskha Homework Help publishes educational content to help students with homework, and provides instant-answer services for teens who need urgent help!!!

  21. Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre!!

  22. Amazing science shows, presented by The Excited Particles and Questacon's own troupe of performers!!

  23. NASA's Mars Site for Kids!!!!

  24. Planet PA.ORG Site for Kids!!

  25. History for Kids!!

  26. WOW! Children's Museum (World of Wonder) is a place for toddlers, school age children, and their families!

  27. Academy of Natural Sciences!

  28. National History Museum for Kids!!

  29. American Museum of Natural History - Explore!!

  30. Biomes of the World!

  31. The Atoms Family!

  32. Ask Dr. Universe!

  33. Surfing Scientist!!

  34. Chem4Kids!

  35. Sheppard Software for Kids - We Make Learning Fun!!

  36. Free Software Toys!!

  37. Ask,com - A search engine for questions!!

  38. Defenders Of Wildlife's Kids Planet!

  39. Monga Bay for kids!t!

  40. World Wide Wolf Site at Defenders For Kids!

  41. Young People's Trust for the Environment!!

  42. Kids for Saving Earth provides free, inspiring, environmental education curriculum by mail and online. Conservation, endangered species, rainforests, forests, toxic waste sites, health issues, and many more ecological concerns are covered on this website. Earth day should be every day!!

  43. Why are some species endangered?

  44. Ranger Rick's Kid Zone!

  45. Find Your Inner Animal!

  46. Bugs - Insects 4 Kids!!

  47. Bee Buzz for Kids!!!

  48. Bug Fun!!

  49. Another Insects for Kids site!!

  50. Spiders!!

  51. Honey and Bee Site!!

  52. Houghton Forestry Sciences Laboratory Kid's Corner!

  53. K -12 School Programs Forest Education!

  54. Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education!

  55. Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and others working with students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12!!!

  56. Environmental Concern!

  57. Connecting children, parents, educators, and scientists to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats!

  58. The Environmental Literacy Council is dedicated to helping citizens, especially young people, participate wisely in this arena. An independent, non-profit organization, the Council gives teachers the tools to help students develop environmental literacy: a fundamental understanding of the systems of the world, both living and non-living, along with the analytical skills needed to weigh scientific evidence and policy choices!

  59. Ichthyology Just For Kids!

  60. Kids' games and activities for math, reading, language arts, social studies, and more!!

  61. Welcome to www.mathisfun.com - Please practice your division, multiplication, and subtraction skills by clicking one of the links on the left!

  62. CBC,CA H\Kids Page!

  63. welcome to sodaplay the home of creative play!

  64. Welcome to Sodarace!

  65. Michigan DNR Educational Kid's Fishing Page!!

  66. BBC Kids Page!!

  67. The Yuckiest Site on The Internet!

  68. Kidspot!

  69. Make a shadow puppet theatre!

  70. Kids Game!

  71. Kid Songs Around The World!

  72. KidsOLR - Kids OnLine Resources!

  73. Hey Kids! Welcome to the G.I. Online Just-for-Kids page!

  74. 3-D Viewing!

  75. Optical Illusions!

  76. Science for Kids!

  77. Interactive Illusions for the Younger set!!!

  78. A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students!

  79. Berkeley Education Kid's Corner!

  80. Greg Egan's Applets Gallery!

  81. ThinkQuest Programs provide a highly motivating opportunity for students and educators to work collaboratively in teams to learn as they create web based learning materials and teach others!

  82. This site was develope for Kids by America's City Planners - Explore how to create communities, how to live in them and how you change them!!

  83. Butterfly Gardening with Kids!

  84. Project Dragonfly - Archived!

  85. The EcoKids Program was a year long endeavor by the All Species Project in partnership with community, educational, and environmental organizations to create a model for teaching about, and building, sustainable neighborhood community with youth, in an older urban area of Kansas City. The program was funded by a grant from EPA!

  86. Absolutely Whootie - Stories To Grow By!

  87. Create Your Own Web Page!

  88. Kids Website Creator!

  89. Helping precollege students learn about energy issues in EnergyQuest, a nifty edcuational site from the California Energy Commission!!!

  90. Wind Power Fir Kids!!

  91. Resources for Solar Energy!!

  92. A WEB Production of WPXN-FM of The Univ of Pennyslvania!!

  93. New York International Children's Film Festival!

  94. Chicago International Children's Film Festival!

  95. KidLink - Empowering kids and youth to build global networks of friends!

  96. A Page on Kids from Cairo!

  97. Global Kids is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preparing urban youth to become global citizens and community leaders. Our programs aim to ensure that young people of all backgrounds have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to succeed in school and the workplace and to participate in the shaping of public policy and international affairs!

  98. Kid's Space!!

  99. The Internet's Number 1 Site For Teachers and Kids!!!

  100. Globsters!!!

  101. Interactive Science Center in Ontario!!!

  102. Since 1987, The Science Club has been bringing science to life for over one million elementary school children, teachers, and parents. The Science Club fuels the wonder and joy of learning, through school assemblies, parent and teacher workshops, television, video, and print!!!

  103. Kids! Welcome to Odyssey Online, a journey to explore the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and 19th - 20th century sub-Saharan Africa!!!

  104. Hey Kids! Welcome to the Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site! Follow me as we discover an actual site, learn about archaeology and how archaeologists work, and reconstruct how our ancestors lived over 150 years ago!!!

  105. The History Place is dedicated to Students, Educators and all those who enjoy History!!!

  106. Young American Heroes!!

  107. 10 Teenage Girls Who Have Changed The World!!

  108. 6 Teenage Inventors That Changed The World!!

  109. 8 amazing kids who have changed the world!!

  110. A Search on the Univ. of Kentucky on Kids - Links!!

  111. Spotlight Endangered Species!!!

  112. Youth for Conservation Forum!

  113. Youth for Conservation!

  114. Kids search at the National Agriculture Library - Check them out!


  116. Bread and Puppets for all ages!

  117. Walkin' Jim's site for Song Lyrics and Wilderness!

  118. Bandages and Blackboards - When Chronic Illness...or Some Other Medical Problem... Goes to School!!!

  119. Desert Animals & Wildlife!!!

  120. USGS Biology Kids Corner!!!

  121. Cool Science for Curious Kids - Links!!!

  122. Digital Learning Center For Microbial Ecology!!!

  123. In the search type in Kids and search - Many Links!!

  124. Virtual Microscope For Kids!!

  125. Mather Field Vernal Pools!!

  126. Frogs Info Site With Interactivity!!!

  127. Kids Space at the Internet Public Library!!!

  128. Kids on the Web!!!

  129. Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site!

  130. The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards. I expect the user to be a librarian or a teacher intervening for a child-reader, however anyone may make use of it to find the best in children's literature including parents, book store personnel, and children and young adults themselves!!

  131. Have Fun with Words at Word Central!

  132. Poems kids like!!

  133. Welcome to A+ Math! Improve Your math skills interactively!!!

  134. Ecology Papers.Com is a member of The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.'s network of term paper assistance sites. From its corporate headquarters in New Jersey, The Paper Store has helped hundreds of thousands of students around the world since its inception in 1994!!!

  135. Many Sites to check out!!!

  136. Mowa Kids!

  137. Kidspace at MASS MoCA!!!

  138. escher teacher guide - Akron Art Museum!!

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