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More News on Iraq from Reddit!!

Military Officials Distorted ISIS Intelligence, Congressional Panel Says!

Defeating ISIS And Ending Sunni-Shiite War In Iraq!

Does the anti-GMO foods movement go against science? !!

51 US Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Syria's Assad!!

Brain-Dead Diplomats: Why Did 51 American State Dept. Officials 'Dissent' Against Obama and Call for Bombing Syria?

ISIS no longer able to send terrorists from Syria to the outside world - Kurdish commandert!!

CIA and Pentagon Bicker While Russia Wipes Out U.S.-Backed Rebels

The hidden costs of the Iraq War!

The last remaining Pentagon-trained rebel group in Syria is now in jeopardy!

Iran-Led Push to Retake Falluja From ISIS Worries U.S.!

Iran had hand in Mullah Mansour’s killing: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar!

Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers!!

After Iraq War, Monsanto, Cargill & Dow Chemical Took Over Iraqi Agriculture!!

The costly truth of emergency spending in Iraq and Afghanistan!

More than 50 Islamic State mass graves found in Iraq!!

John Kerry just drew a new red line for Assad in Syria!!

On Book TV Sebastion Gorka talks about Defeating Jihad!!

US Aids Iraqi Army, But Sectarian Tensions Threaten Prime Minister Abadi’s Future!!

Iraqi families sell organs to overcome poverty!!

How Propaganda Feeds War on Syria!!

Putin’s Hardheaded ‘Realism’ on Syria!

From regime change to ISIS: 5 years of US meddling in Syria

Disillusioned Volunteer Says Syria A Battle For War Booty, Territory!!

Iraq is broke. Add that to its list of worries.

BOMBSHELL: Declassified Memo Proves Pentagon Told Rumsfeld There Was No Evidence of WMDs in Iraq!

First on CNN: U.S. bombs 'millions' in ISIS currency holdings

How to Defeat ISIS: Don't Let Them Truckers Roll, 10-4!!!

Why is the Iraqi military unable to handle fighting ISIS without US intervention?

Iraqi Army Running Desperately Short of Deserters!!

Republicans Can't Face the Truth About Iraq!

Why Obama’s Plan to Send Advisers to Iraq Will Fail!!

Obama on ISIS: 'We Don’t Yet Have A Complete Strategy'!!

U.S. Caution in Strikes Gives ISIS an Edge, Many Iraqis Say!!

Rand Paul Holds Republican Hawks Responsible for ISIS!!

Iraq enlisted 100,000 militiamen to fight ISIL and now it can barely control them!

Fed Up With Islam and Sectarianism, Some Iraqis Embrace Zoroastrianism!!

Survivors Say Iraqi Forces Watched as Shi'ite Militias Executed 72 Sunnis!

7 big lies ‘American Sniper’ is telling America about Iraq and Chris Kyle!!

Iraq: 935 lies, a tyrant and weapons of mass destruction!!

Violence in Fallujah: Poisoned Fruit of US Occupation?

The US Role in Iraq's Upsurge of Violence!

Poll: Grim assessment of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan!

We Broke Iraq And We're Still Paying For The Damage!

America's proxy death squads and torture teams still in Iraq!

Democracy Now! Iraq War Timeline Recaps a Decade of Independent Reporting on Occupation and Protest!

Invasion of Iraq, 10 years later!

The Mysterious Why of the Iraq War!

The Undying Shame of the Iraq War!

Dahr Jamail Returns to Iraq to Find Rampant Torture and a Failed State Living in "Utter Devastation"!

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers!

"We’ve Lost Our Country": An Iraqi American Looks Back on a Decade of War That’s Devastated a Nation!

Seymour Hersh, Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian in Conversation on Iraq!

Iraq Body Count!

Juan Cole: Real Petraeus Failure Was Counterinsurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan!

Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all. Defector tells how US officials 'sexed up' his fictions to make the case for 2003 invasion!

10 Reasons Iraq Was No Cakewalk!

Getting Out of Iraq Before More Strife!

The Iraq Legacy: Tell It Like It Is!

America leaves Iraq a toxic legacy of dumped hazardous materials!

Collateral Murder: 5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff!

A Film and Web Site that chronicle the path to war in Iraq!

Iraq Insider is a project of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. The Insider works to provide analysis and commentary on the latest news and political decisions concerning Iraq!

U.S. Sergeant Refuses to Go to Iraq: "This Occupation is Unconstitutional and Illegal"!

Iraq Vet Who Wrote About His PTSD Kills Self, Brother!

DEMOCRACY NOW! EXCLUSIVE: Fmr. Military Intelligence Sgt. Reveals US Listed Palestine Hotel in Baghdad as Target Prior to Killing of Two Journalists in 2003!

A Conscientious Objection!

Torture Victims usually will say anything to make severe torture stop. Sometimes even what you think they should say!

Iraq's simmering ethnic war over Kirkuk - Tensions are rising between Kurdish, Arab, and Turkmen factions over power and populations in the province, the heart of northern Iraq's oil industry.

Iraq's Sadr cannot be defeated by force: experts!

More Forced to Stay in Army!

VA Tried to Conceal Extent of Attempted Veteran Suicides, E-mail Shows!

They Can’t Go Home Again - With their country ravaged by Bush’s war, Iraqi refugees find the United States indifferent to their plight!

A Lack of Intelligence!

Clashes Continue in Basra: Badr Militia Strengthened!

Who Is the Iraqi Army?!

Badr Corps!

FACTBOX-What is the Mehdi Army?!

Sadr: Hey, maybe it’s time to disband the Mahdi Army!


Iraq: 'Handed Over' To A Government Called Sadr!

“With Total Destruction” The Failure of Journalism in Iraq!

Neoconservatives’ achievements in Iraq: A benchmark!

Wrong and Wright Dissent: Voices of Conscience!

Ex-Gitmo chaplain discusses war crimes, wrongful arrest!

Fort Hood soldiers breaking the silence in war in Iraq!

Classified Memo Reveals Iraqi Prisoners as "Starving"!

Five Things You Need to Know to Understand the Latest Violence in Iraq!

IRAQ: Not quite the surrender Maliki had in mind!

U.S. Warplanes Bomb Militias In Basra!

Analysis: Iraqis' Basra fight not going well!

Neoconservatives’ achievements in Iraq: A benchmark!

Again, Needle Nose has good articles on Iraq!

Winter Soldier Hearings: Iraq and Afghanistan from the Iraq Veterans against the War!!

Winter Soldier: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War - Pretty much how I found it in Nam!r>

Winter Soldier CONT’D: US Vets, Active-Duty Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Testify About the Horrors of War - Ranking Officers implicated in disrespect for Iraqi Lives in The Wars!

Half a Decade of War: Five Years After Iraq Invasion, Soldiers Testify at Winter Soldier Hearings!

Dissension In The Ranks!

Five years after "Victory": Iraq numbers tell a grimmer story!

Karen Kwiatkowski on why the war cheerleaders are losers!

Five Years of the War in Iraq: Where’s the Media Coverage?

Bush's idea that Al Qaeda would ever come to control all of Iraq is absurd!

The British in Basra: stay or go? The Iraqis tells how their lives are now!!

Green Zone attack originated in Sadr City, say witnesses!

Soldier Electrocuted in Iraq: Who Is to Blame?

Bad water put GIs at risk on Iraq bases - Audit raps military, contractor KBR for poor quality control!

Post veteran Pincus on media, money and WMD !

McCain’s Gerald Ford Moment!

Why are there Suicide Bombers?

Ben Griffin speaks to World Against War rally before being gagged by UK Government

So, this is what Ultra-Conservatives who support Bush's Iraqi policy are actually saying?

Nonstop Theft and Bribery Are Staggering Iraq!!

Good News From Iraq all the time site!!!

Six Questions for Douglas Macgregor on Iraq and the “Surge”!!

Murtha: Surge working; Iraqis aren't!

Cartoon showing why the Surge is working!!

Army Dismissals for Mental Health, Misconduct Rise - Method for avoiding the PTSD issue!

Iraq: Death of a Nation?

Iraq Today - Successor to Today in Iraq!

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count - all others also!

They still won’t follow us home!

‘Is there no adult supervision?’ - None of the managers/editors at Al Hurra understand Arabic!

Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and Sunni armed resistance Plan to Unite to defeat the invading jihadis aligned with al-Qaeda and the US Invaders!

The Lucifer Effect - Understanding How Good People Turn Evil!

What George Bush has done to Iraq!

More Veterans Calling The Streets Home - An Estimated 200,000 U.S. War Veterans Are Homless!

Hey They Volunteered!

They’re not going to follow us home!

Americans don't have much of a colonial experience. Otherwise we would recognize the war in Iraq for what it is -- a colonial occupation.

Beyond Quagmire - A panel of experts convened by Rolling Stone agree that the war in Iraq is lost. The only question now is: How bad will the coming explosion be?

Divisions Within the Iraqi Insurgency!

The surge: Don't hold your breath!

Another illusion out of the Iraqi hat!

An Odd Massacre: What Happened at Najaf!

Baghdad: Street of Nightmares!

Why Sould US Troops Die for 'Iraq Government' That Doesn't Even Show Up?

How ghost soldiers are bleeding the Iraqi army of guns and money - Just Like Vietnam!

Concessions in the pipeline: Nouri al-Maliki's government plans to grant big concessions to western oil companies - but in reality, it lacks the legitimacy to do so.

The fatal fantasy!

Spc. Suzanne Swift Signs Statement with Military After Harassment Claim, AWOL Status Lead to Court Martial!

Mother of War Resister Ehren Watada Meets with Lawmakers on Capitol Hill to Support Son's Casel!

Iraq - It is still about the Oil!

As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame!

A Young Marine Speaks Out

Who Brought Us to the Iraq Abyss?

Raed Jarrar's Blog!!

The Idiots Among Us!!

Bechtel, the US engineering giant, which received some of the largest contracts, announced on November 2, 2006 that it was leaving the country, complaining that the security situation in Iraq has made it too difficult to continue operating. One wonders why Bechtel realised this only after filling its coffers with 2.3 billion dollars? !!

Revealed: US Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques!!

Republican leader blames military for losing war!!

Depleted uranium risk 'ignored'!!

Informed Comment: Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion!!

John Yoo now believes that the right to torture -- or as he put it in the New York Times, interrogate "harshly" -- is just one front in a larger crusade!!

The Secret Letter From Iraq: A Marine's letter home, with its frank description of life in "Dante's inferno," has been circulating through generals' in-boxes. We publish it here with the author's approval!

Sarah Chayes Provides more evidence that it never was about Afghanistan but instead Iraq!!!

US army’s kill-kill ethos under fire!!

Poll In Iraq Proves It’s Hard To Be Grateful When You’re Being Blown Up!!

The search for Hitlers!!

Captured terrorist Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi is send to Egypt to be tortured - He reveals That Saddam trained al Qaeda operatives in WMD - It is later found that he was tortured and said that such was true just to end the torture!!!!

Entries from Lie By Lie tagged with 'WMD' !!

Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq - "Iraq for Sale" Claims Halliburton and Others Profit at Expense of Safety!!

Pentagon to Congress: Bush Is Wrong! The War Is Lost By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS!!

How to ID Brit Troops in Iraq!!!

Fearless Iraqi Engineer in U.S. to Expose Sectarianism, Violence of Occupation!!

Iraq War a "Corrupt, Futile Enterprise," Writes Prof. Ken Bode!!

Viewpoint: al-Zarqawi: Did we slay a giant or a gnat?!

The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time by Antonia Juhasz !!

Antonia Juhasz interviewed on Democracy Now on her new book!!!

Iraq's next premier: Spot the difference!!

Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq!!

Are the Neocons Losing It?

A balance sheet for America's Iraq


Information Clearing House has a lot of information on the Iraq War!!

US Soldier told to carry shovel in Iraq so that civilians he killed could be made to look bad!!

General insanity: The prevarications of Gen. Peter Pace!

Why Iraq's Police Are a Menace: Interior Minister Bayan Jabr has turned the U.S.-trained force into violent Shi'ite shock troops, critics say!

Increase in Contracting Intelligence Jobs Raises Concerns!

Increasingly, Rumsfeld a lightning rod for Iraq criticism!

Back to Iraq Blog!

Iraq News from World News!

The enemy we hardly know!

Top General Contradicts Bush's Iran Bombs Claim! - So will General Pace go the way of Gen. Eric Shinseki?

Asia Times has some good articles in the Iraq situation!!

"Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories" A Film By Mike Shiley!!

Professor McCoy Exposes the History of CIA Interrogation, From the Cold War to the War on Terror - Gen Miller and Rumsfeld are shown to be war criminals!

IMF Measures Wreak Havoc On Iraqi People!

BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES)!

Torture and abuse at Bagram should prompt outrage!

In Their Own Words: Reading the Iraqi Insurgency!

Houston Chronicle Special Report - America in Iraq!!

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches!

The Language of Empire - Scroll down!

From Democracy Now! - Is the U.S. Training Iraqi Death Squads to Fight the Insurgency?

NY Indymedia Talks about the Death Squads Plus!

Let us remember just what the Death Squads in El Salvador were about - Remember the American trainers for this were sent to Iraq!!

Nadje Al-Ali on the Total Inversion of Cultural Codes and Moral Values in Iraq - Old But Good!!

Iraq War News from IndyBay!

Murtha's Strategy!

What 'staying the course' really means!

Rewriting History? You Must be Joking, George! Iraq War: So Far So Good, Slime and Defend!!

The Right sticks firm to their view of Iraq - 1!

The Right sticks firm to their view of Iraq - 2!

Rumsfeld’s Rewrite: “I Didn’t Advocate Invasion”!

Returning US soldiers face financial, medical difficulties: Critics say government is 'turning its back' on veterans because of need for money in Iraq!

Tomdispatch Interview: Juan Cole on George Bush's Iraq: The Treasure, the Strongbox, and the Crowbar - A Tomdispatch Interview with Juan Cole (Part 1)!

Tomdispatch Interview: Juan Cole on Withdrawal from Iraq:Throwing Grenades in the Global Economic Cockpit - A Tomdispatch Interview with Juan Cole (Part 2)!

Iraq Has Descended into Anarchy, Says Fisk!!

Saddam's Iron Grip: Intelligence Reports on Saddam Hussein's Reign - National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 167!

Iraq: Traumatised young Iraqis turn increasingly to hard drugs!!

Government Accused of Death Squads in Iraq!

Results of 30 Months in Iraq!!

Old Toons - A lot on Iraq!!

Senator Levin Loses Mind, Says We Should Threaten Iraqis We'll Make Plans to Leave Someday!

Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence!

Bunker Days with Reichsführer George!

Al Qaeda's Golden Opportunity: The continued occupation of Iraq has been a godsend for the otherwise troubled terrorist network!

Iraq information from Find Law!!

British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car: "They refused to say what their mission was."!

Reuters Says U.S. Troops Obstruct Reporting of Iraq!

Articles on Armor Potection in Iraq from Defense Tech!

What We're Doing About IED's in Iraq!!

Bush Abandons Iraqi Women!!

Old but Good - Saddam as puppet dictator played by the US Administration!

Multi-National Force-Iraq!

UN Raises Alarm on Death Squads and Torture in Iraq!

On Iraq War, the Elixir of Democracy?

So, the Iraq Thingy was about Oil all Along!

In Iraq's prisons: A little tenderness can turn around insurgents!

Purpose of VitW: Voices in the Wilderness (VitW) was formed in 1996 to nonviolently challenge the economic warfare being waged by the US against the people of Iraq. Voices continues its work today, acting to end the US occupation of Iraq!

Iraqi er ah News from MADBLOG!

Robert Fisk: A constitution that means nothing to ordinary Iraqis!

IRAQ: Human rights vanishing!

War Mom vs. Peace Mom!

A Soldier Speaks: Kelly Dougherty!

The U.S. in Iraq: a swamp!

Temperatures Rise: Power, water, planning—and the lack thereof—in southern Iraq!

Bush's Toughest Critic On Iraqi Reconstruction? It's Not a Democrat ...!

Iraq news and Views from The Christian Science Monitor!

US restored Women's Rights in Iraq - Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq!

Iraqis thirst for water and power: Lack of basic services is prompting growing protest aimed at Iraqi officials - Aticle supports those who say the US has failed at this! Yet the right still claims it as an accomplishment!!

Bush's economic invasion of Iraq: U.S. corporations march into Baghdad, at the expense of self-determination!

US NeoColialism in Nicaragua - The US Design for Iraq??

Old But Good - Reporting from the Colonialist Side of the Brain!

Apologists for Iraqi War Going Bonkers!!!

Needed: Arab Leadership and Vision - The US, it is clear, has made a mess of the situation and still has no plan to move the country forward!!

News from the Crawford Peace House Community!!

Cindy Sheehan asked her supporters to start candlelight vigils in your communities to remind people of the terrible price of war! These Vigils were carried out on August 17, 2005! I attended the One at the intersection of Broadway and Table Mesa in Boulder Colorado! Here are some Pics of that event!!

A Poem for Casey Austin Sheehan, a U.S. soldier who died in Iraq on April 4th, 2004 - " A Nation Rocked to Sleep" ~ written by his sister, Carly Sheehan!!

Bush Launches 'Operation Cindy Sheehan'!!

Iraq: US $20 billion needed for electricity projects in next five years!!

When we go wrong and quacky!

Military Says Troops Demanded 'Rent' From Iraqi Vendors - Colonialism and NeoColonialism is well in hand - Why let Halliburon have all the fun and profits!

Marine Group in Iraq Issues Statement Blasting Images!

The Blogs of War - On the 21st-century battlefield, the campfire glow comes from a laptop. It's a real-time window on life behind the lines - and suddenly the Pentagon is on the defensive.!

Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq: Forget About It!

De-construction of Iraq!

Good time to gauge impact of Iraq war!

US War Crimes in Iraq: Manufactured Dissent - A Critique of Amnesty Int>

The Only Legitimate Reasons For War!

A Way Out Of Iraq?

The Myth Of The Suicide Bomber - Why "Suicide Bombing" Must be a Myth and What Purposes it Really Serves!

'There is always another insurgent'!

Where has all the money gone? following the auditors into Iraq!

The Little Contractor That Could - A no-frills weapons maker is beating out some top guns to supply the military!

A Berkeley Lefty makes the case for the War!!

On Iraq-Jordan Border, Various Roles Play Out in Desert!!

Why History Will Judge Us Harshly for Our Violation's of Iraq's Patrimony!

Mission Accomplished: Iraq Is Broken!

Getting out of Iraq - Scroll Down!

Iraq's Microwave Democracy!

Comment: Iraq's sectarian myth!

Iraq's ethnic factions face enormously difficult decisions about their future!

U.S. Marine Leader Appeals for Anti-IED Technology!

At least 75 Navy scientists have been assigned to work full-time on technologies to detect and neutralize the improvised explosives devices that have killed and maimed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq!

Glorious torture keeps homeland free!

US ARMOR in Iraq!!

It's the Pipelines, Stupid!

Get your war on!

Iraq War Deserters Speak Out From Canada!

Allawi: This Is the Start of Civil War!

Stories from the Front!

Halliburton Hearing Unearths New Abuse!

Pentagon hawk admits Iraq doubts!

The Fake Optimism of Washington's Warriors!

Iraq's ambassador to the UN has demanded an inquiry into what he said was the "cold-blooded murder" of his young unarmed relative by US marines!

The Fallacy of the Impossibility of Withdrawal!

US Occupation Steals Iraqi Childhood!


The Scalping Party!

Ironically, U.S. Must Ride a Sectarian Tiger to 'Spread Democracy' in Middle East!

Officers Say Arms Can't End Iraq War - Shiites, Sunnis must find solution to insurgency, US commanders warn!

Iraq's future: the present course and the alternatives!

After seizing Baghdad, U.S. military is deep in a quagmire!

The Downing Street Memo Reveals Blood on the Hands of Our Complicit Corporate Media and the Hijacking of Our Collective Fear!!

Fraudulent war profiteers need harsher punishments: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Keep on being fooled? Apparently, that's SOP for the federal government!

Listen to Galloway and Learn Something!

Trigger-happy US troops 'will keep us in Iraq for years'!

If Iraq Is the Philippines, Iraqis Should Be Wary!

The Quagmire: As the Iraq war drags on, it's beginning to look a lot like Vietnam!

US War Crimes, An International Vow of Silence!

Iraq and Moral Corruption!

Building permanent U.S. bases in Iraq sends wrong signal!

Strike the War's Achilles Heel!

Anthropology and Counterinsurgency: The Strange Story of Their Curious Relationship!!

An Anatomy of the Resistance to the American Occupation in Iraq!

Exit strategy: Civil war!

Another Oldie - Iraq agency 'run like Wild West'!

Media Disinformation and the Iraqi Resistance!

Operation Lightning: Is Iraq Another Honduras?

NeedleNose often has good opinions and articles on Iraq!!

One NeedleNose Article - The U.S.-backed "dirty war" in Iraq drops its mask!!

Bases, Bases Everywhere - Pentagon Planning in Iraq, 2003-2005!

News Media and “the Madness of Militarism”!

No troops, no war - Who is killing Iraqis?

Eyewitness Iraq: Daily life in Baghdad!

Iraqi union leader against occupation and privatization!

RAF Bombing Raids Tried to Goad Saddam into War!

Saddam trial ‘in 2 months’!

How to End the War!

Old But - Remember: Kay's report is the admission that Desert Fox, Clinton's action against Iraq, did more to prevent Iraq from re-arming!

Old stuff but talks about one of the main quacks who put us in Iraq - Laurie Mylroie!

U.S. Claims Over Siege Challenged!

Bush asked to explain UK war memo!!

Bush, Posada & Terrorism Hypocrisy - If it fits wear it!!!

Elections don't stop wars, movements do'!!

GI Special!

The Things They Carried Home: Young Soldiers Document Their War!

Flash site regarding - The Things They Carried Home: Young Soldiers Document Their War!

Maggie Gyllenhaal sparks controversy over 9/11 comment - Its about why we are there and why we are there! - Think about it!!

IRAQ: Making a killing: the big business of war!!

Articles on Iraq from OnLine Journal!!!

Army pair's tactics eyed: Student-led sting ensnarls recruiters - Anything goes in getting Warm bodies to Iraq!!

Sudan becomes US ally in 'war on terror' - See very bad Governments can be The Friend (Fiend) of Bush if they have no oil and don't get in the way!!!

What’s Wrong with the U.S. Global Empire?

The New Baghdad Government!!

Veterans have failed to stop or even slow this horrible war. Is it time for something more radical? - Add your comment!!!

U.S. defense contractors 'coming on like gangbusters'!!

And the Corporations Benefiting from Iraq Give the GIs A Heart Felt Thanks for Giving them a Hand in Iraq to make their big profits!!!!

UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job - And the Investogator was an American!!

There's Torture in My Zeitgeist: Popular culture -- from fashion runways to street protests to videogame screens -- is betraying Americans' ambivalence about torture.!!

Iraqi Labor Leader: We Will Defend Our Oil: An Iraqi union leader may be the biggest obstacle blocking U.S. efforts to privatize oil and other industries in Iraq!!

Viewing Iraq from the RightWing Perspective!!

Jurassic Park, Psuedo-events, and Prisons - The fallout from Abu Ghraib!

Iraq's Catch-22!

Other Iraq info from Alternet!

Evening The Odds In A Guerrilla War: Helped by feedback from Iraq, companies are speeding up weapons design!

The Real War Being Waged Against Us!

Bush is warned about Iraq!!

While the Dissident Voice feels Marla May have been too with the Bush program in Iraq!!

The Iraq War from Strategy Page!

Looks Like America's First Attempt to get Control of iraq????

HMMM - The Iraq Coalition still looks like America's attempt to control Iraq!

The shadow Iraqi government!

Global Empire - Uncle Sam Would Be a Good Used Car Salesman -- How America maintains its hegemony both military and economically!!!

Recorded Broadcasts on Iraq!!!

More on the Life and Times of Marla Ruzicka!!

Marla Ruzicka proof the Good Die Young!!

Congressman Jim McGovern on what he did not see in Iraq!!

You Call This Normal? The New York Times in Fallujah!!

Iraqis suffer from contaminated drinking water, inadequate hospitals,power cuts and funding shortage!!

Don’t be fooled by the spin on Iraq!!

Dated But Interesting - "Something" felled an M1A1 Abrams tank in Iraq - but what?!!

Night Vision Video - A Lot from Iraq!

Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation!!

"Chances of U.S. alliance breaking cannot be ruled out"!!

Former CPA Advisor: Fraud Rampant in Iraq!

UNITED STATES: Building a movement to bring down an empire!

Survey: U.S. media censors Iraq reporting!

Book review – The Liberal Virus, by Samir Amin!!

U.S. Soldier’s Wife Denied Citizenship!!

Want to send your support to Any Soldier in Harm's Way but have no idea what to send, who to send it to or how to send it? Well, go here!!!

Veterans for Common Sense Has iraq info!!

The Fever of Revolution!!

Pentagon seeks to create robotic battlefield Surgeon!!

Fury and frustration as Iraqi Parliament fails to pick speaker!!

The Oil Factor - Behind the War on Terror!!

Condoleeza's Nonsense About Democracy!

Follow the Money - Watchdogs are warning that corruption in Iraq is out of control. But will the United States join efforts to clamp down on it!!

Spiraling In & Out of Baghdad Election Day!!

We Interrupt This Empire!

Ex-CIA officer blasts premise for Iraq war!

If Iraq is stabilizing and improving, why isn't the media documenting it?!

Insurgency on the Wane?

Is Bush's empire coming unstuck in Iraq?

Haunted by a night in Fallujah!!

William S. Lind: On Killing!!

Iraq Maps From Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection!!

War with Iraq info Page from!!

Iraq News Archive - From Military.Com!!

Army Takes Lessons From A U.S. Battle - American troops in Iraq are dealing with an enemy that more closely resembles sophisticated, violent street gangs!!

Iraq war: The smoking gun? - Foreign Office official's resignation letter reveals that Attorney General did change his mind on legality of Iraq war!!

Story of the iraq War in 25 Pictures!!

Greg Palast: Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil!

Counter - The War in Iraq Cost the United States!

The True Costs of War!

Constant Conflict!!

Where it will be won - Iraqi Labor Movement Fights for a Democratic Iraq!

Halliburton gets The Spoils of War!!

Pictures of Destruction and Civilian Victims of the Anglo-American Aggression in Iraq (March / April 2003)!!

So, just how are we to view the New Saddam Capture Story!!

The Iraq War –A Catastrophic Success - For Some!

The Armored Vechicles of the Best-Equipped Army on Earth!

Inter Press Service News Agency has news and views on Iraq!

Example from IPS News - Uncle Sam Really, Really Wants You....!

Example from the Freezer Box - Occupation Is Hell!!

The Freezer Box has articles and Views on Iraq!!

The Memory Hole - Good source for Information on the Iraq situation!!

Indeed the Memory Hole has Pics of wounded Americans!!

Another 9/11 Smoking Gun from the Memory Hole!!!

The History Guy - The Third Persian Gulf Wat (2003)!!

Iraqi Government Urged to Revoke "Cynical and Wicked" Patent Law!!

A way of life is reborn in Iraq's lost marshes!!

Environmentalists against the War!!

Halliburton -- Poster Child For War Profiteering!!

A Listing of War Blogs!!!

Life in Post-Saddam Iraq!!

Murdered Iraqi Trade Unionist Trapped Between U.S. and Insurgents!!

Still more on Saddam, his capture and Bush!!

Iraqi Freedom: Mother and Father Shot in front of children - Hard to Call for Me! Saw the same thing Happen in my Unit in Vietnam!!!

US Official Confirms Allawi Shot Six Dead!!

Who Is Allawi?!!

White House scraps coalition of the willing list - Paid Whores jus' ain't what they use to be!!

US sends armed robots to front line!!

A fantasy of freedom - If Bush wanted to tackle tyranny, he could start with regimes under US control. But liberty clearly has limits, says Gary Younger!

Refugee's story on Iraq abuse, which Rumsfelt used extensively for purposes, begins to unravel - Sounds like the Kuwaiti Incubator story all over again!!


Video and Pics of Iraq - No Captions Here People!

What is new at the Global Policy Forum!

The Ghost of Machiavelli, The WMD Hunt Ends!

Jonah Goldberg And El Salvador Death Squads!

The Agonist - Often has good articles and News on Iraq!!!

The Command Post Often has good Iraqi News!!!!

The US effort to destroy the insurgency in Iraq can only succeed if it also destroys the ability of the Iraqis to govern their own communities - Yet Sadr City, the vast slum in Baghdad at the heart of the Shi'ite rebellion, has evolved into a virtually independent city-state, a "liberated area" in the classic guerrilla warfare model. Something will have to give!!!

REPUBLICANS spoke out OPPOSING bush's invasion of Iraq!!

The Failure of Empire!!

Those Weapons of Mass Destruction!!

War Profiteers WAR PROFITEERS - The Center for Corporate Policy's Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004!!

Iraqi slacki Backi - Hey Bush have we done a good job showin der Iraqi Gooks how it is - Bush says you nailed der Coon Skin to the wall boys - Wow am I proud to be an American = Not - Go Up - Still on the Web!!!

Gross Iraqi Pics with Meaning and Sensitivity!!

Iraq Uncensored!!

A Marine General Says, "It's fun to shoot some people."

Christopher Allbritton's Iraq Blog!

You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is - In Iraq, the US does eliminate those who dare to count the dead!!

Bring them home Now WebSite!!

Contractor Alleges Firm Defrauded Iraq Occupation Authority!

My View of the Fallujah situation!!

Here comes the Draft - 1 - Hackworth thinks so too!!!

Here comes the Draft - 2 - Hackworth thinks so too!!!

Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan - Much Better than the Draft - Old Soldiers for old Armor!!!

The War Dead -- Long May We Remember Them!!

Iraq Coalition Casuality Count - Dated!!!!

Iraq Body Count Site!!!

US to send Military Amputees back into Battle - We will fight to the Last Marine Limb!!

You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is - In Iraq, the US does eliminate those who dare to count the dead by Naomi Klein!!

"This wasn’t a war, it was a massacre"!!

Hawks push deep cuts in forces in Iraq!!

Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President!!

Open Letter to Devil Dogs of the 3.1!!

U.S. to Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi!!

Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War!!

"I have a message for you. You're not going to like it..."!!!

Thinking about the Prison Abuse Thingy!!!

The Guantanamobile Project tries to inform and collect public opinion about the U.S. detention of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!

Again Remember - G.I. Attacked During Training! If it can happen to an American what abuse is going on to the Prisoners???!

Marjorie Cohn: An Interview With Janis Karpinski: Abu Ghraib General Lambastes Bush Administration!

The Campaign To Immediately End Abuse Of American Military Detainees!

Abu Ghraib: worst yet to come?

Iraq's Child Prisoners!

Statement of Dr. William F. Schulz, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA, In Response to Secretary Rumsfeld!!

Head of Abu Ghraib Prison Speaks Out: Former Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski Tells 'Nightline' Problems Could Still Exist!!

At least 108 prisoners have died in US war custody!!

U.S. opts out of world judicial body!!

Cheerleaders object to the New Routines as proposed by Guy Womack!!

Iraqi Prisoner Torture Photos Part 2!!

Abu Ghraib report: 'Failure of leadership' at highest levels!!

US Army generals told of prisoner abuse before Abu Ghraib photos: report!!

Remember, we treat the Guantanamo detainees in a very humane manner but beat a GI poising as a Guantanamo detainee till he suffered brain damage!!!

Young male prisoners were filmed being sodomized by American soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, according to the journalist who first revealed the abuses there!!

US senator says more prisoner abuse uncovered!!

No Other Commentary Needed!!

Another Open Letter to the Troops in Iraq By STAN GOFF!!

Sanchez Reportedly Approved Torture At Abu Ghraib Prison!

World: Torture -- Physical Force Is An Unreliable Method Of Interrogation (Part 2)!

New Abuse Charges: Classified reports point to mistreatment of female detainees!

Bush Administration Lawyers Greenlight Torture - Memo Suggests Intent to Commit War Crimes!

Iraqi detainee's death hangs over Marine unit!

The Humane Society: The leashes belonged on our own soldiers—no matter how you spin it!!

Why are they smiling?: The stresses of war can distort morality and draw out the worst in human nature, psychologists say, but sadistic behavior is not inevitable!!

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved a secret programme that encouraged interrogation methods used at Abu Ghraib prison, where Iraqi prisoners were abused!!

A Duty to Disobey: The Forgotten Lessons of My Lai!!

Some U.S. prison contractors may avoid charges: Interior Department hired Abu Ghraib interrogators; Loophole tangles prosecution; Army chain of command blurred in civilian abuses!!

Rumsfelt takes the necessary steps to solve the problem of prisoner abuse!!!

A Developing Page With Some Info on Iraq and the Situation We Have there as well as how this will effect America Domestically!

Excerpts from the book 'Full Spectrum Dominance: U.S. Power in Iraq and Beyond'!!

Beyond the valley of Niger uranium forgeries!!

My Fisking Of Joseph Wilson's Letter Regarding the Senate Intelligence Report, Niger and Uranium!!

U.S. Labor Against the War!!

Well uh er - Iraq!!


Iraq through Iraqis' eyes!!

US marines bid to win hearts and minds in Iraq's 'triangle of death'!!

Dynamite and Doublespeak!!

America And A Conquered Iraq!!

You call this liberation - Pentagon experts have made a discovery: Muslims do not hate America's freedoms, but its policies!!

More prisoners? - "Just shoot them"!!

How to End the Iraq War By Tom Hayden!!

Adopt a Sniper to Kill for You in Iraq!!!!

Who Killed Margaret Hassan?!

Iraq effort by the numbers - Details in little-seen government reports!

This shows why the war was unnecessary, says Cook!!

Hags to iraq - Uptight Christian Women get 10 mill to teach Iraqi Women How to Shop and Pray - Maybe Ann Coulter will go over there and get beheaded!!!

Why we cannot win!!

Big Lie: Vietnam and Iraq!!

U.S. 'Milibloggers', Iraqi Bloggers Discuss War-Time Experiences!!

Roadmap for the Prosecution!!

Here's what really happened in Lynch saga while America slept!

Saudi plan to send Muslim troops to support US in Iraq confirms their irredeemable illegitimacy!

"Why We Cannot Win" - from a U.S. NCO in Iraq with 20 years service in the military!!

Iyad Allawi, the new Prime Minister of Iraq, shot inmates in cold blood, say witnesses - Our New Saddam - Colonial Maintenance in action!!

War Profiteers - Inventing Iraqi Democracy in North Carolina - Taking the Reconstruction money and running!!

July 9th Washington Week in Review that discusses about the doubts a CIA Agent had about the Reliability of the Informant Curveball who talked about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq! This CIA Agent is told it is not important because the war against Iraq is on and a done deal regardlesas of facts!!!

Dick Cheney’s Song of America!

Manipulation of intelligence - For President George Bush, the chickens seem to be coming home to roost!

Pentagon's prewar intelligence role questioned!!

Did one woman's (Laurie Mylroie) obsession take America to war? - And she is a weird one too!!

Shameless in Iraq - The High Cost of NonReconstruction in Iraq!

U.S. Gives Iraqi Hospitals Broken Promises in Place of Medicine!

Yet another report says U.S. has spent little on Iraq reconstruction!

Congress Questions Slow Pace of Iraqi Reconstruction Spending!!

Regime Change: How the CIA put Saddam's Party in Power! From Richard Sanders, 24 October 2002!!

Iraq, Al Qaeda, and what constitutes a 'relationship'!!

On View of the Power Hand Over!!

The president's real goal in Iraq!

NPR's Madeleine Brand speaks with Slate political analyst Will Saletan about the handover of power in Iraq and other issues that may affect the U.S. presidential election this November!

Destroying World Order: U.S. Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11!

Robert Fisk : Iraq, 1917 - Lessons to be learned!

U.S. strike hit terrorist nest, top Iraqi says!

Why are we in Iraq? - With no evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or links to Sept. 11, the White House's pretexts for pre-emptive war have been repudiated!

How True it is!

How True it is - 2!

Iraq's prime minister-designate Ayad Allawi accused in 1990's Bombings in Iraq - Just like the present Day Terrorists are doing!

The Dog Days of the War Party!

Iraq - Entering the Interim!!

Analysis of Associated Press Report on Bush's Pledge to "Full and Complete Sovereignty" of Iraq!!

9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link to Attacks!

Halliburton's billing system for work in Iraq hit by audit!

Al-Qaeda Boosted By Iraq War, Warns Think-Tank!

When War is Swell: Bush's Crusades and the Carlyle Group!

Circus 2 Iraq: Replacing Nightmares with Dreams - Well, I can understand this better than the Red Apple Thing in Japan after WWII!

Bush Promises the Appearance of Chaos Ahead!!

US security, Iraqi freedom are unrelated!!

An empire of denial: The US is choosing to ignore the fact that it is to blame for the stifling of global democracy!!

An exquisite danger: John Negroponte's record in Honduras does not inspire confidence about his appointment as US ambassador to Iraq!!

Bush's New, Sovereign Iraqi Government!!

Article on the YUGOSLAVIAN BREAKUP which may have relevance to the artificial country of Iraq!!!

Iraq: From a Strategic Standpoint, We've Already Lost - Strategic Anomalies, Denial, Redoubling, and the Case for Withdrawing Now!!

Why America Is Not Safer!!

Liberal Hawks: Flying in Neocon Circles!!

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I Killed Innocent People for Our Government'!!

Even the word 'democracy' now repels Mideast reformers!!

Violence stalls Iraqi infrastructure projects!!

Turkish, Syrian Water Projects Well on the Way to Squeezing Iraq Dry!!

Report: Soldiers Fondled Iraqi Prisoners!!

The religious warrior of Abu Ghraib: An evangelical US general played a pivotal role in Iraqi prison reform!!

Havel rebuts report linking Iraq to Sept 11!!

Inside war room, a battle is raging: Some generals fear Iraq war becoming unwinnable despite superior firepower!!

An Editorial Cartooon on Bush's responsibility for Iraqi Prisoner Abuse!!!

Hired Guns in Iraq May Have War Crimes Pasts!

Like the Wehrmacht, we've descended into barbarity: The treatment of Iraqi prisoners is a consequence of coalition policy!!

U.K. Soldiers Killed Iraqi Civilians, Amnesty Says (Update3)!!

The First Pics of US Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners!!!

Accused in POW scandal, soldier tells of questions!!

Red Cross: Iraq abuse ‘tantamount to torture’: Agency says U.S. was repeatedly given details of mistreatment!!

"I don't know how the hell these people got into our army," said Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo!!

Hammers and anvils: Only if the UN breaks with US plans for a cosmetic handover can it win Iraqi confidence!!

Blog*Spot - Today in Iraq!!

US forces take a cue from Saddam!!

Some Dare Call It Treason: Wake Up America!!!

US army accused of protecting superiors: Maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners!!

Civilians ID'd in abuse may face no charges!!

National Review's Plan for Victory in Iraq!!

Fables of the Reconstruction - A Coalition memo reveals that even true believers see the seeds of civil war in the occupation of Iraq!!

Monkerud: Should we support our mercenaries too?

The Real Oil War in Iraq!!

Karen Kwiatkowski, a lifelong conservative and career military official, tells it like it is!!

Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer: Terry Jones on what makes our leaders tick!!

Plan of Attack: Bob Woodward says the neocons set up a 'separate government' – but to what purpose?!!

Bush Ordered Iraq Plans in November 2001, Book Says (Update5)!!

Bush names John Negroponte, who is associated with Right-wing death squads in Central America, as the U.S. ambassador to Iraq!!

Rebuilding media, dodging death: The Florida company in charge of Hussein's old networks must face not only Iraqis' distrust, but also a paralyzing wave of violence!!

The U.S. is Sabotaging Stability in Iraq!!

A foreign notion - Historically Democracy is not brought to a Nation!!!

Country Joe's Place on the Current Crisis!

The Kill Movie!!

British forces concerned by American tactics!

Iraq's Post-War Economy: A Critical Review!

Baghdad Did Not Fall - It Was Handed Over!

So the US has finally decided to go after Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr!

The Weird Men Behind George W. Bush's War!

Wal-Mart nixes 'Uncovered'!

The Mystery of Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction”!

Nobel Peace Laureates and Scholars Speak Out on Iraq War!

Sleeping with the enemy - Tim Robbins has a new play and a new target: 'embedded' Gulf war journalists!

Powell: Some Iraq testimony not 'solid' = Wow a Real Revelation Powell!!

Iraq was invaded 'to protect Israel' - US official!!

Fatal flaws in Iraqi constitutionl!!

Hans Blix's Post Mortem: Vilified in the lead-up to the war, the U.N. arms inspector says in his new book that the Bush Administration was on "a witch hunt"

Info plentiful, decisions scarce leading up to 9/11!

Was It All Planned? Iraq and Empire-Builders!!

Capturing bin Laden not a Bush Administration priority before 9/11!!

CIA Chief Plays Dumb on Neo-Con Intelligence!

Isn’t it Great that We Got Saddam Hussein?

Iraqi exile attains his goal!!

Richard Perle - Ve vill act without requiring the permission of the host government. That is Empire Folks!!

Iraq Was Surviving the Sanctions - Why They Wouldn't Wait!!

Iraq - The Truth Always Comes Out in the Wash!!

Playing the Chalabi Card!!

Iraq: Now for the base truth!!

Bush Intelligence Garbage In, Garbage Out -- On Purpose!

Team Spirit: Recent history shows exactly how, and why, the intelligence data concerning Iraq's nonexistent WMD became a justification for military aggression - Hey, the Moscow Times! They should know how things like this are done!

Col David Hackworth on Maj. Scott Ritter - Calling Maj. Ritter!!

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper - Since Gulf War, Nonconventional Weapons Never Got Past the Planning Stage!!

The War According to Newt Gingrich: Growing the Dictatorship in Iraq

Middle East - First the stick, now the US offers carrots!

The National Security Archive: The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook - Declassified Secrets from the U.S.-Iraq Relationship!!

Full List Of US Weapons Suppliers To Iraq!!

Foreign Suppliers to Iraq's Biological Weapons Program - Obtain Microbial Seed Stock for Standard or Novel Agent!!

Iraq, How it Came About!!

Montana soldier describes duty in Iraq as a nightmare!!

Book - Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq!!

Doctored Photo from the London Evening Standard?

Settling Some Debts - Like Fox to Henhouse, Baker Goes to Iraq!!

Bush bullied CIA in order to dupe us!!

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower!!

Kay Questions U.S. Pre-Emptive Strike Doctrine!!

The Future of America under the American-led Empire!!

Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?"!!

A Litle Help From Halliburton's Friends!!

Spies, Lies, and Weapons:What Went Wrong!

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq!


COMMENTARY - 2nd act A year later, Sean Penn returns to Iraq and files a personal, candid report from the front!

Bush wanted Iraqi invasion pre-Sept 11: Ex-treasury secretary!

Iraq - Casus Belli Revisited!


Reading "An End to Evil" - The Book by Richard Perle and David Frum!

Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive !!

Cartoon on Who Benefits the Capture of Saddam!!

Phoenix Rising - US to Fund Death Squads in Iraq - This is how we started out there with Saddam Folks!

Worth Repeating 1 - The Devil in the Details: The CIA and Saddam Hussein!

Worth Repeating 2 - How the CIA put the Baath in power!

Worth Repeating 3 - A Tyrant Forty Years in the Making!

Worth Repeating 4 - Looming war isn’t about chemical warheads!

Worth Repeating 5 - U.S. was a key supplier to Saddam!

For telling the truth - Katharine Gun, a former British intelligence employee facing charges that she violated the Official Secrets!

The Straight Sotry on the test tube of botulinum!

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal!

Draining The Swamp - VIEW FROM THE RIGHT!

The Post-Modern President - Deception, Denial, and Relativism: what the Bush administration learned from the French!

PostWar Iraq Resistance Versus PostWar WWII German Resistance - Rice Said they were Similar - Wrong!

Reconstructing reconstruction!

Related Links from the Iraq Foundation - Check out the main site also!!

The Bush Cartel Takes the American Public for Fools: Now They Say Saddam "Duped" Them Into Believing He Had WMD's. You Wouldn't Accept This Sort of Inept Lying From a Five-Year-Old!

The Road to Economic Prosperity for a Post-Saddam Iraq - The Heritage Foundation's update of a Pre-Iraq War, Occupation and Planning for the Furture Iraqi State Plan!

Electronic Iraq is a news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by respected Middle East alternative news publishers!

Times-Picayune's Iraq Section!!

Bush eating words on war's end!

Europe balks at Iraq bailout!

Can the US export democracy?!

'Oil War' Questions Surround Cheney Energy Group!

Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought!

Ending America as We Know!

How To Start A War In Iraq!

When Will The President Level With America? Bush Still Playing With the Truth on Iraq!!

The Axis of War and Mischief in the Middle East!!

What the Bush Administration used for War Support 2 - Lies, damned lies, and news!!

It Usually Begins With Thucydides - Neoconservative Logic Expanded on!!

How America crushed democracies!

No country can democratise another!!!

What's at stake in the WMD debate!!!

US Moves to Stamp a Particular Mould To Iraq's Future!!

A former Iraqi nuclear scientist has provided American authorities parts and documents from Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program that he claims to have buried more than 12 years ago, the White House said Thursday!!

U.S. general 'perplexed' by lack of WMD! Intelligence on Iraq had everything else right, says new commander!!!

The strategically ambiguous George W. Bush!!!

Get your war on!

Hawks turned media into parrots!!!

Weapons of mass deception!!!

View as to why the Administrations, Bush and Blair, are like the Replacement Pods!!!

Editorial on the Administrations WMD stance and History!!

After Calling Out Saddam's Horrid Human Rights Record, The Bush Administration Makes some Strange Bed Fellows!!!!

Foreign policy by pique!!!

Pentagon wants a tough line on Iran!!!

Surveys pointing to high civilian death toll in Iraq!!!

Brian Cloughley, AM Has some Views on the Iraq Situation and Generals Concerns and Views!!!

The Dixie Chicks were the Victims of A Republican Plot!!!!

Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed'!!!

The US Plans For Iraq!!!

Michael T Klare claims that the US's next move is to Privatize Iraqi Oil for and to Benefit US Oil Companies!!!!

Another Retreat from the Assertion that Saddam Hussein could launch a chemical or biological attack within 45 minutes!!

Rummy Needs A Throw-Down!!!

The notion that Saddam Hussein hurriedly disposed of his weapons of mass destruction just before the U.K. and U.S. invasion is preposterous!!!

Blix attacks US war intelligence!!!

Layers of deceit that built a case for war!!!

And some say it was not about oil!!!

Turkey Now is trying to Infiltrate Destablization Agents into the Area it is interested in!!!

The War That Was Staged For U.S. TV!!

Iraq War: The Images U.S. Media Chooses, and Chooses to Ignore!

Some Feel The Administration May Plant Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq!!

What Empire is Like - Another Artilce on the Firms Chosen to rebuild and Profit from same in Iraq!!!

A View of Fox News!

Humurous view of the Benefits of War With Iraq!!

Yahoo search on Iraq!

Specific Site Claiming Deception in Iraqi News Coverage - Again Go to the HomePage for More Information on Iraq!!

Hans Blix says the War was planned in advance and had little to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction - Site Has an Iraq News and Info Site!!

The Command Post - News and Opinion of the War!!!

An Israeli Site with Close Connections to their Military Intelligence Organization!!!

Where is Raed? - Experiences of an Iraqi architect living in Baghdad!!!

The Way the Middle East Media Research Institute Reports the Issues and News!!!!

An accurate chronology of United States' involvement in the arming of Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war!!!

How Many View the Coming War!!!

Myths of the War on Terrorism and Iraq from Wilson's Almanac!!

War Watch from Mother Jones!!

How Osama Bin Laden Views the War With Iraq - II!!

How Osama Bin Laden Views the War With Iraq - I!!

Spoils of War - GOP-linked firms already lining up to rebuild Iraq!!

How to Sell the War!!

Anti-War Web Ring & Directory!

Win Without War Coalition!!

Stop the War against Iraq!!

Peace Pins supports the anti-war movement in response to the U.S. government's intention to attack Iraq. We help fund anti-war organizations, like and the Not In Our Name project!!

Fixin' to Die in Iraq Songs - Just the Words there folks!!!!

Veterans Against The Iraq War!!!

The MoveOn Peace campaign!!

Even Stars are Allowed to Think!!!

National Youth and Student Peace Coalition!!

Go to The Center for Defense Information to get their view on the Iraq Situation!!

Go To The Libertarian CATO site to view their views on the Iraq Situation!!!

the WWE Iraq Body Clock!!!

Buttons and Bumper stickers to Oppose The War!!!

Some Important Lies were Told in Saddam Confab One to Gain Support for the First War With Saddam! There should be total truth before the American People are engaged in a War!!!!

Truthout has some intersting Links On The Situation Very Often - Support it!!!!

Use The Resources at Z Communications for Information!!!!

An Interesting Timeline By Eric Margolis!!!

A Radical Newsletter in the Struggle for Peace and Social Justice!!!

Robert Fisk of the "Independent Newspaper UK" often Has valuable insites to Reality in the World in Regards to this situation! - A Web Site Supporting His Writings!!!!

Frontline Gives the History of the Murderous Psychotic Saddam Hussein - The CIA Even Provided Him and His Party with Communists to Kill to Get to Power - Did the US teach Saddam that Murder was Okay to the US!?!

Iraq and the Vision of the Velociraptors!

Counter Punch article Claiming it was always about the oil!!

Center for Cooperative Research has views and info on Iraql!!

What Really Happened has News and Views!l!!

9/11 Follies Plus!

For Comic Relief Read the Sayings of the Iraqi Foreign Minister and have the sayings put on T-Shirts and other items!


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